Four new cases of coronavirus in SLO County, officials seek end to shelter

April 28, 2020

San Luis Obispo County confirmed four new cases of coronavirus on Tuesday, for a total of 173 cases.

Because of the county’s low coronavirus numbers, the SLO County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to send Gov. Gavin Newsom a letter asking him to relax shelter at home rules on a county by county basis. The county is slated to release its plan for a phased end to shelter at home rules on Friday.

Of the 173 confirmed coronavirus cases in SLO County, 135 individuals have recovered and one has died. Of those still suffering from the virus, there are five people in the hospital, and 32 recuperating at home.

Cases by city:

  • Paso Robles — 57
  • Atascadero 29
  • Arroyo Grande — 19
  • Nipomo — 14
  • San Luis Obispo — 14
  • Templeton — 7
  • San Miguel — 7
  • Pismo Beach — 7
  • Morro Bay — 6
  • Other county cases — 13

The number of cases in California continues to grow. As of Tuesday afternoon, there have been 46,163 positive cases and 1,862 deaths.

Currently, more than 1,035,765 U.S. residents have tested positive for the virus, and 59,266 have died.

In addition, the number of people infected with the virus worldwide continues to increase: 3,138.413 cases with 217,985 dead.

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You are entitled to your own personal anxiety and fear, YOU ARE NOT entitled to engulfing everyone else in your own paranoia. Time to reopen in a planned thoughtful manner. We know a lot more and isolate those at risk. Back to work. Back to school. Have a nice dinner downtown. Go to a movie. And please lose the ” you’re trying to kill me, or “people will die” whines. Last I checked, none of us is getting out of this alive.

You sent a third of your population out of town. Do you think if you reopen and students return that you are safe? You deserve what happens.

Yes, I think I will be safe, building a herd immunity unlike the shelter-in-place until we have a vaccine types.


Didn’t the county Board and all the city mayors already write a letter (not agendized!) to the Governor, asking him to put our county residents at higher risk by letting them open us up sooner?

Which resulted in an erroneous NBC news statement?

Which led to our area beaches being INVADED last weekend?

Which led to the county and city getting their favorite revenue source – tourist dollars.

Which led to non-social distancing and risking the health of us locals (there are videos all over of the line at Splash Cafe, for just one example)?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Dumb like foxes, our local government, while us sheep suffer the consequences in the name of TOURISM and the almighty dollar.