Gov. Gavin Newson released his four step plan to reopen the economy

April 28, 2020

Gov. Gavin Newsom

Gov. Gavin Newsom on Tuesday tweeted his four stage reopening plan, with “sector-by-sector guidelines for a safe reopening.”

The state is already in stage one, staying home and flattening the curve, he tweeted.  Stage one includes securing necessary medical equipment and increasing hospital capacity.

During stage two, which Newsom said is just weeks away, the state will permit low-risk workplaces and some public spaces to reopen. Retail stores can serve customers with curbside pickup, manufacturing can restart, and offices where employees cannot telecommute can resume work.

In addition, child care facilities and schools can reopen. Newsom floated the idea of having public schools open in late July or early August.

In stage three, which Newsom said is months away, the state will allow more businesses to reopen, while restricting the number of people who can gather at one time. During stage three, hair and nail salons, gyms, and movie theaters can reopen. In addition, in-person religious services and sports without live audience can resume.

Stage four will bring an end to all restrictions. Concerts and live sports events can resume, but only after “therapeutics have been developed,” Newsom said on Twitter.

“I know we’re all ready for life to go back to normal,” Newson said. “But it’s unbelievably important we re-open our economy in a scientific, thoughtful way — guided by public health.”


I have an idea,




I predict that Gavin Newsom will extend the shelter in place in some form until just before his reelection campaign and will present himself as the great savior. He says he bases decisions on data, not ideology, but the fact is he chooses the data he uses based on his ideology. He chose to use a model projection of 25.5 million infected Californians over an 8 week period to ramp up fear and it worked. He was able to enforce a draconian, untested, open ended house arrest on an entire state for the purpose of keeping us safe at all costs. Safetyism at its worst. Cult-like in its isolation, fear and control, with vague but tantalizing goals. The primary role of government is to protect our essential rights, not to keep us safe. When our governor prioritizes actions based “learning losses” rather than earning losses, it’s clear that his ideology is safety at all costs. We have smart cars, smart tvs, smart phones. Why not smart safety? I am not okay with livelihoods destroyed, of a bleak future dependent on government handouts for survival, for the sake of extreme safety. I am not willing to lean into the shelter in place like it’s some sort of extended slumber party with fun face masks and cool zoom meetings. End the shelter in place now, quickly, smartly.


In stage three, which Newsom said is months away

So all those places

hair and nail salons, gyms, and movie theaters

will probably not open then. They will be long gone.


What step is “local government”?

Until our government offices open, I don’t believe they themselves feel it’s safe, so why are WE all their canaries in the coal mine?


Government offices want to stayed closed, they are getting paid full salaries anyway, just extending the paid vacation without using any of their accrued time, normally in excess of stated policies. I wonder though if they are concerned if they stay closed too long we will see we really don’t need a vast majority of the offices or could have them open only part time, with part time employees.