NBC reporter falsely claims SLO County restaurants reopening

April 24, 2020

A Today Show  reporter on Thursday incorrectly reported that San Luis Obispo County plans to end shelter at home rules for dine-in restaurants on May 1. In addition, the reporter said other types of businesses were also set to reopen next month.

“With a low number of cases and testing capabilities in place, San Luis Obispo County says some businesses will be free to open May 1, including dine-in restaurants,” NBC’s Miguel Almaguer said on the Today Show.

The false claim was quickly rebuked by county health officials.

“Rumor Alert: On April 23, 2020, NBC’s Today Show aired a story that spotlighted San Luis Obispo County and incorrectly reported that the California county plans to reopen on May 1,” County health officials posted on Ready SLO. “This is false.  More information about the Shelter At Home Order and phased reopening can be found here.”

While county officials and a large group of community members are working on a plan for a phased end to shelter at home rules, the county has currently relaxed rules for only eight types of businesses: drive-in theaters, fabric stores, houses of worship, pet groomers, recreational fishing, elective medical procedures, construction, and janitorial services.

The Today Show has agreed to correct the story, according to the county.

“We understand how this misinformation could confuse and frustrate our community,” said Supervisor Lynn Compton, who chairs the Board of Supervisors. “We continue to actively reach out to our community to ensure they are fully informed with accurate and timely information, which includes the progress on the county’s phased reopening plan currently in its final stages of development.”


Nothing new here. Inaccuracy and bias abounds. We watch NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt every night. Not for news; for laughs.


“Our Miguel Almaguer” is the worst “reporter” on national news. And NBC news is invested in “falsely claiming” every story they present. Just wretched. And @slomike, what does consulting Adam Hill have to do with anything ? That’s like consulting WHO or the China Coms or a syphilitic clown. All useless.


A few lessons from my experience with media…. when I hear them report on issues and facts that I am EXPERT on, and they get it incorrectly, I often wonder what other topics and events that I am not well versed in do they get correct?? Second, some ( NOT ALL) reporters are simply willing to copy each others stories and sources without doing the work themselves, perpetuating BAD info. I do like this news source (CCN) because these folks seem to do “no holds barred”, real and raw stories unlike the flaky, partisan, intellectually-challenged Tribune.


I wish Adam Hill was consulted along with “county officials and a large group of community members”. Looked like we were trying to get to Trump’s ear faster than a Southern Governor.


Reeves in Mississippi and Edwards in Louisiana have been excellent governors.

FYI, southerly phrase “y’all” excludes no one. It is gender neutral, nonracial, has no sexual preference. There are things in the South that we can learn from including better support for working families.