SLO pot shop red-tagged for violating the rules

April 1, 2020

Inside Natural Healing Center in Grover Beach


San Luis Obispo city officials shut down construction of a marijuana shop on Broad Street because owner Helios Dayspring did not get permits for construction. It is the second time that permitting issues have shut down work on marijuana shops in the city.

After securing one of three coveted pot shop permits, marijuana kingpin Helios Dayspring started construction on his Natural Healing Center in early March. But he did not have the necessary authorization. In order to proceed, Dayspring will need to procure demolition and construction permits.

Late last year, a SLO inspector halted construction at Megan’s Organic Market because the applicants had failed to procure a building permit. While Megan Souza and Eric Powers applied for a permit to rehab a bathroom at the site of the former Drum Circuit on Higuera Street, they did not apply for a construction permit for the shop.

With a copy of the bathroom permit posted outside, Souza and Powers demolished the inside of the whole building and began framing walls, work that was not covered under the bathroom permit.

Even though the SLO City Council voted in 2018 to allow three retail pot shops, none have opened. The third permit winner, Elemental Wellness, was disqualified after a questionable interview with a SLO police detective, and SLOCal Roots slipped into the third spot.

Dayspring has a history of operating beyond the limits of his permits and approvals. It has led to multiple violations at his many marijuana farms.

Questions have arisen over Dayspring’s Natural Healing Center that operates in Grover Beach. California’s cannabis laws prohibit the consumption or smoking of the product at retail shops or in public places. The law also forbids the free distribution of pot.

Three former employees of the Grover Beach store said their boss regularly consumed marijuana products at his shop, and sometimes entertained public officials at the retail facility. These workers, who have asked to remain unnamed for their own safety, said Dayspring also gave free cannabis products to three public officials involved in developing local pot legislation.

For example, one former employee said they delivered complimentary pot to SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill’s home. The deliveries were worth between $300 and $400, they said.

The employees said Dayspring also violated rules banning the free distribution of marijuana, as well as the rule against allowing smoking in public places. A video shows Dayspring at a 2019 employee Christmas party at the Pismo Beach pier, where he laid out free pot products for anyone on the pier, while a group of people passed around a bong.

San Luis Obispo City officials, eager to collect marijuana taxes, are working with Dayspring to help him quickly secure construction permits.

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It is about time for Bobby to be fully exposed.

I told him years ago that one day his actions would catch up to him .

There has been an enormous cover-up by people in high places about Bobby’s background and qualifications to operate and own these establishments. For instance, in no other circumstance, would a candidate be approved, had it been known that:

1. The candidate had previously had his Southern California stores raided and closed for being illegally operated.

2. The candidate had previously been robbed at his cannabis businesses.

3. The candidate was involved in a strong-arm home invasion robbery in Atascadero on 2/11/17 (look it up) but he was one of the unnamed victims, along with his brother. He and his brother were robbed by several men, WHOM HE KNEW, who were rivals in the cannabis business, although the press falsely reported it was unknown why the robbery took place. The reason the robbery took place was over a business dispute the men had with the candidate. During the robbery, the men took over 100 lbs. of processed cannabis from the candidate’s basement while the candidate and his brother were both held at gunpoint.

4. Then, the candidate also had a “hit” put out on him, his attorney and the Sheriff, from one of the home invaders while he was awaiting trial. These people really want the candidate dead!!!

5. The candidate purchases parcels of land and commercial buildings with cash and then puts title of the properties in the names of 3rd parties or entities. These practices smack of money laundering and tax evasion.

6. The candidate has had numerous complaints from his employees about human rights violations against them by the candidate.

7. The candidate marches to the tune of his own drummer. He plays by his own rules. Before the use of recreational cannabis was legal, the candidate was illegally manufacturing and processing distillates and concentrates in an enormous warehouse in Atascadero and selling his products intrastate,

One would think that these facts would disqualify someone from owning or operating a cannabis business in our county. Why in the world would the powers-that-be approve the application of anyone who has this kind of history?

Any guesses why????

San Luis Obispo County needs a Buford Pussor type Sheriff to clean up the Helios’s of the world:(

BULLETIN: People are sayin’… lots of people say… I’m told that Helios curtailed Adam Hill’s free weekly stash delivery, Hill was jonesin’, and thus choked down those pills.

People in the know, know him as Bobby (Dayspring), not Helios. So double check your sources

I know that, you know that, and the FBI knows that.

And this is the guy they chose to open up a “Pot Shop”? The guy that doesn’t follow the rules?

For example, one former employee said they delivered complimentary pot to SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill’s home. The deliveries were worth between $300 and $400, they said.

WTF is Dan Dow doing?

Your assuming DA Dow was not also on the delivery person’s route.