More than 800 inmates in Lompoc test positive for the coronavirus

May 9, 2020

The number of inmates with the coronavirus at the federal correctional complex in Lompoc has exploded, with 823 inmates and 25 staffers testing positive for the virus. The prison conducted widespread testing of inmates and staff, some of whom were asymptomatic.

The majority of the cases exist at the minimum-security prison camp, where 1,162 inmates and 11 staffers currently have the virus, according to the federal Bureau of Prisons. At the adjacent medium-security United States Penitentiary Lompoc, there are 31 active coronavirus cases among inmates and 14 among staffers.

Santa Barbara County officials have voiced concerns with the prison; noting the county’s public health department has no power over the federal prison complex. Because of the prison, the county is unable to meet Gov. Gavin Newsom’s new requirements for stopping the spread of the virus and moving forward with reopening the economy.

Of Santa Barbara’s 1,132 coronavirus cases, 848 are related to the prison complex.

Speak Truth to Power

This is a Great example of how the Wuhan Flu is being over-hyped and literally causing mass panic. Take a look at this SUPER high infections rates, now how many of these Prisoners have A) Died B) Needed to be hospitalized and C) Needed to be put on a famed Ventilator? What these high infection rates yet LOW Death and Hospitalization rates tell us is that the WuHan Flu is NOT the deadly disease it has been hyped to be nor is it justified to Close down the USA and World Economies.

Our Reaction to 9/11 brought us the over-reaction of the Patriot Act, justifying Government spying on Americans, body cavity searches at the airports and loss of civil liberties. What freedoms will this Hoax be responsible for curtailing? The left is already using the WuHan Flu to push an agenda of Socialism with Universal Income but the only think that will give us is being closer to China where this whole mess started. Have you checked your Social Credit Score Today? All you have to do is like and share three Government approved articles with your friends and you can bump up your score 20-ponts.

Rich in MB and La Paz.


“but the only think that will give us is being closer to China where this whole mess started.”

English spoken here?


While I somewhat agree with the general point that the death rate is way lower than people thought at first–most likely way lower–you have some pretty basic faulty thinking going on.

How many of the 800 people have had Covid-19 for three weeks? That’s about how long it takes to die, if you are going to die. You cannot look at the rate of infections now, and use that as the denominator yet–wait a couple weeks and see.

This is a basic error that statistic-challenged people have been making all along.

Jorge Estrada

Oh dear, that is not far from the Santa Ynez Casino. Are you feeling lucky today?