Robber repeatedly stabs Pismo Beach store clerk

May 17, 2020

Police are looking for a man and a woman who were involved in a violent robbery of the 7-Eleven on Dolliver Street in Pismo Beach on Sunday morning.

Shortly before 6 a.m., a man wearing a black face mask cornered a clerk behind the register counter while a female suspect grabbed Lottery tickets and cigarettes. During the robbery, the male suspect stabbed the store clerk multiple times, causing non-life-threatening injuries.

The suspects then fled in a 2,000 (or newer) white Ford Expedition, with a black luggage roof-rack, gray or brown running boards, rear tinted windows, and chrome wheels.

Officers describe the male suspect as Hispanic, in his 30s, 6 feet tall and weighing from 250 to 275 pounds. The female suspect is described as Hispanic, in her 30s, 5 feet tall with a thin build.

Investigators are asking anyone with information about the suspects or the robbery to call (805) 773-2208.


Would it be surprising if some of this increased crime in our county is a result of the hundreds of criminals that have been released from prison during this pandemic?

Jorge Estrada

Cameras often provide a picture of a stolen vehicle and or somebody no one recognizes. The best use for a camera is to record the assailant drawing their knife and the cashier pulling a shotgun from behind the counter to de-escalate the threat.


Free convicted felons from prison because they might get sick? Genius.


99% of my posting is sarcastic wonderment……this is a 1% post.

Crime of all types, especially robberies and home invasions are going to go up in spectacular fashion now that we have created a Covid-19 paradise. No work, food shortages, inequality…..everyone forced to wear masks…..crime is going up folks.

Prepare for it. Prepare for self defense and home defense.


The influx of valley people has begun

fat chance

Everybody wearing masks is making it easy for thieves. I guess robberies are up around 50%. At least that what I read.


Thank you, Captain Obvious!


Apparently the idiots don’t know that winning lottery tickets can be traced back to a store.