The 2020 Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles canceled

May 28, 2020

Because of coronavirus restrictions, the 2020 California Mid-State Fair, scheduled to take place July 22 through Aug. 2, has been canceled.

The 16th District Agricultural Association Board of Directors based their decision on the current restrictions from state and local leaders regarding mass gatherings. After thorough discussion, the board voted unanimously to cancel the 2020 Fair.

“The well-being and health of our community is our top priority, said Board President David Baldwin. “Putting on a safe and fun fair has always been our goal, and we had remained hopeful that the 2020 Fair could indeed happen. However, the current restrictions have made that impossible.”

In order to assist junior livestock exhibitors, the board is planning a “virtual” auction near the the end of July or the beginning of August. In addition, the board is planning some type of show, possibly virtual, for 4-H and FFA members, depending on Gov. Gavin Newsom’s reopening timeline.

“We will miss this year’s Fair tremendously, but we are now turning our focus to making sure our 4-H, FFA and Industrial Arts exhibitors are taken care of,” Baldwin said.

In addition, the board is planning a display and auction for their industrial arts exhibitors.

For those wanting refunds for hospitality, entertainment or admission tickets, the California Mid-State Fair website explains how to request a refund.

The 2021 California Mid-State Fair is set to run July 21 – Aug. 1.


This is a mistake and over reaction. Those who choose to define themselves by the fear they love to embrace, should feel really good about this.


Well the cancellation represents a loss of between $80 and 100 million dollars to the local economy. We’ve had one Covid19 related death and seven flu related deaths in the County since this “pandemic” began but nobody seems interested in reporting those numbers because they don’t fit the narrative.


Please, let’s put to rest the “flu” narrative. It’s tired and it just isn’t true. The very worst flu year saw 80k deaths in the U.S. during an entire flu season—usually November-April. COVID-19 has now killed 100k in less than 90 days and that is in a society that has shutdown. Quit with the misinformation.


With the help of some big city officials sending corona positive patients to nursing homes…..there are some estimates that that practice and mistaken policy is responsible for at least 40,000 of the deaths and counting..I’m sure they were worried about infecting and overwhelming their medical centers…but they placed corona patients within infection distance of folks over 80….


Gordo. I’m familiar with the one Covid 19 fatality figure but where did you get the seasonal flu stats? I looked, couldn’t find it.


Francesca Bolognini

Yes, it is a huge drag that the Fair had to be cancelled. It is sad, but ya know, half the infections in the whole county are in the town with the fair grounds. And such an event would be the textbook definition of a “super spreader” event. Let’s hope that things look a lot different next year. It would help if the good folks of Paso who have seen fit not to cooperate so far would make the effort to help us get the numbers down.

Oh yes, TROLLS, make sure you mark me down for this, ’cause you think disease is a good thing.


No one thinks disease is a good thing. What condescending nonsense. Once again its all about the numbers 0.0267% infection rate, 0.0112% hospitalization rate, 0.0037% death rate. Do these risk rate percentages really justify the hype and hysteria created by these TROLLS to shut down our entire way of life? If these numbers scare you so much stay home.


That’s going to really suck for the the city of Paso Robles and their economy. I guess we’ll get to see what kind of leadership that city has. Better start making plans to trim that nonessential fat Mayor Martin. I wish you luck.

kevin rise

Martin is way better than Hamon, and Martin has and is one of the sound council members and is doing a good job representing our city, Vs Hamon; his conflict of interest scandals; and his overhead doors and BS angry person politics. Fyi, check out Hamons past conflict of interest and his garage door company with local contractors. The guy is a total grump at every council meeting. The tribune reported the FBI is on our counties a** like stink on sh** for massive corruption on BOTH political sides. Thank Peschong for drilling in Carrizo and owning a lobbying firm! Let the local 1% dems and repubs face the hand of law!


Hey brother, I don’t have a problem with Mayor Martin or the way he represents his city. I think he does a nice job most of the time. They will have to make cuts somewhere, so they should start looking at options now. As for councilman Hamon, I don’t know him or his history as a council member. I know he’s been there a while. Apparently a few people like him. Maybe you should run against him or John Peschong next time. Be part of the solution for your city or supervisor district and put yourself out there and see how you handle it. Just a thought.

As for Mayor Harmon in SLO, what a disaster. No sense of leadership or any real direction as mayor. I have not spent a penny in SLO since 1992, when the then city council, passed a resolution opposing the Gulf War. They have been going down hill ever since then. An overrated snobby city in my opinion.


Because of coronavirus restrictions, the 2020 California Mid-State Fair, scheduled to take place July 22 through Aug. 2, has been canceled.

Should read:

Because of over-hyped media-driven fear terrorizing the lazy, ignorant citizenry, along with a massive, unprecedented government over-reach, the fair is cancelled.



Jorge Estrada

Probably not a good year to spend money you don’t have and a bad summer for the people density which makes the Fair economically viable. How ironic that hindsight will be the clarity for knowing what would have been best for the year 2020.


Freedom, commerce, self assessed risk-taking, pursuit of happiness…….these are things that require zero foresight. They’re always “what would have been best for the year (any date)”

It’s a shame that the MSF is cancelled. No….it’s an outrage. The only thing that gets me more angry than a bunch of do-gooders messing with people’s lives and livings is the supine passivity in which my fellow citizens tolerate this abuse.

kevin rise

Anger factually reduces IQ, by alot. And people protesting all across the US exercising their freedom of speech and assembly for whatever reason right now does not seem passive to me, why generalize people? Thats also a low form of IQ related thinking. And a pandemic is no ones fault, sorry.


I’ve said it before, but in this age of 24/7 news—getting the message out, etc.—-

The only way we’re going to stop this virus from doubling the deaths in SLO county is to kill the economy.

The virus feeds off of freedom and commerce….it hides in small businesses of all types and unless these businesses and others are killed off, the virus will continue to menace the population. 1 dead so far……

We’ve got to kill the economy! Don’t believe me? Then WTF is our government doing? Hmmmm? Please explain their actions if that’s not the goal.


DocT…You are spot on! It is truly appalling to witness how easily the population has folded in fear because of what the media and a few people have said. Bet if media or a politician mentioned jumping off cliffs would make you healthy and or wealthy a good amount of folks would partake. Its no wonder people like James Jones and Manson could easily sway the weak minded.

It is easier to control the masses than to convince them they are being controlled-Mark Twain


Good thing you specified SMALL business, as it’s blatantly obvious that BIG business is immune to the Chinese virus. (Can I say that, or do CCP-controlled ad agencies and advertisers supply funding here, too?)

We’re being had, and it is amazing how willfully blissful and compliant so many of us are. Then again, our society has been conditioned for this since the early 70’s at least.

Thank you, feminism, for making so many of us react with emotions rather than logic.

kevin rise

Your statement seems quite emotionally charged, judgemental, passive agressive, sexist, and generalizing, stereotyping you’re neighbors and fellow citizens. I recommend a bit of medicinal cannabis as you could have a stroke or a syncopated episode thinking like that. Or an infarction. Your sentiments are also contradicting to your post fyi.