Oceano official dubs flag supporting officers a sign of white supremacy

June 15, 2020

Cynthia Replogle

Clarification: Replogle used the wording quoted to her in the story. She said the flag hung on Linda Austin’s property was a sign of white supremacy, and not of racism.


Protests over the death of George Floyd have ignited a battle over freedom of speech and political correctness in Oceano, with one official claiming another had a sign of white supremacy on their property, specificaly a flag supporting the four police officers who were shot last week in Paso Robles.

A few days ago, Oceano Community Services District Board of Directors President Linda Austin hung a blue line flag on a property she owns in the beachside community. A few days earlier, a gunman ambushed the police department in Paso Robles, and then went on a shooting spree, injuring four officers and killing a homeless man.

On Sunday, Oceano Director Cynthia Replogle said that the blue line flag is a sign of white supremacy, and that it is inappropriate for Austin to fly the flag.

“Whatever meaning the thin blue line flag may have had once, since Charlottesville, it’s a symbol of white supremacy,” Replogle wrote on Facebook. “Now this flag has replaced the American flag at Oceano’s Triangle Park in the center of town. While it may look like a public space, the park is owned by Linda Austin. In a community that’s half Latinx, it’s wholly inappropriate to fly such a flag”

Outraged community members left 238 comments on Replogle’s Facebook page, all except one, chastising Replogle.

Areleene Samá Ñiego questioned Replogle’s definition for Hispanic.

“Are you kidding me. I’m Hispanic, not latinx, which is the most ridiculous new label a$$hats like you are using,” Ñiego posted on Facebook. “I am not white and not affiliated with white supremacy groups and I proudly fly this flag to honor fallen officers. Your stupidity offends me.”

Another poster, Lisa Streator, accused Replogle of bullying.

“The fact you think this flag is a sign of racism, proves how ignorant you are.” Streator said. “The fact you’re bullying a constituent, shows how unfit for any public office you are. Your narrow mindedness and bigotry is not okay. Shame on you!”

On Monday morning, Replogle responded claiming that people who supported her opinion on Facebook were attacked. However, only one poster supported Replogle, and received no response.

“To those who posted a comment the haters didn’t like and were attacked for it: I’m sorry you were subjected to that,” Replogle wrote on Facebook. “Everyone should be allowed to express their opinion without fear of ad hominem attacks and intimidating, threatening, misogynistic or racist language. Informed, reasoned debate is welcome.”

Replogle went on to accuse her critics of being proponents of all-terrain vehicle recreation on the Oceano Dunes.

“To those posting hateful comments because you don’t like my stance on the Oceano Dunes SVRA: I won’t back down,” Replogle wrote. “I’m going to keep standing up for what’s right and calling out injustice when I see it. Instead of trying to intimidate people, your time would be better spent cleaning up the trash left in the dunes by off-roaders or removing graffiti unrelated to Black Lives Matter from our beach communities.

“To those crying foul about free speech: Educate yourselves about the First Amendment, as your comments show a clear lack of understanding.”


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For the white folks posting on this story who are completely unaware of their arrogance, bitterness, and bigotry;



You seem to believe that only white people are racist? Clearly that is not true.


The “off roaders” are 80% white. And frankly, in the 100+ times I’ve been to the dunes, African Americans are never seen. And you know that’s true.


Where do you get your information. If you were ever out on the dunes you would see that a large percentage of the off roaders are Hispanic. Many of them very nice people from Fresno and Bakersfield.

George Dunn

Why does everyone care so much about what color people’s skin is?

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. I have a dream today!” -MLK, Jr.


The Blue Line flag clearly violates the flag code.. End of story. Fake patriots flying it are representing authoritarianism, anti-constitutionalism, and are in violation of the law.. which I find highly ironic. The Blue Line flag is a perversion of American ideals of liberty and equality, and frankly, I find it extremely offensive.


Unless someone is breaking into my home or assaulting me.

Then I can’t dial 911 fast enough.


The mob not only believes it can dictate to people how they must think but also interpret symbols, t-shirts or words into their prism of beliefs and demand the “offender” comply. How is this not fascism?


Likewise, how is desecrating the flag in order to support authoritarianism not fascism?


Has she read the words on her shirt.


Cynthia Replogle (or Cynthia Repugnant, as I’d like to call her) – you are nuttier than a fruitcake.

Since when does supporting our police officers equal being a white supremacist? I’ve seen officers of all backgrounds and beliefs proudly wear their uniform and protect the public.

I sure hope you don’t need an officer anytime soon!


I finally met someone who knew someone who got Covid-19. This was yesterday. It was the closest I’ve come to Covid!

But I’ve yet to meet a “white supremacist.” I suspect they’re very rare, mythical creatures.

Except, they’re wearing hoods and burning down our cities. Then, they blame it on the protestors!

Eyes Everywhere

Is she a high school student???


Inmature and in need of professional help. Who voted for her?


Who voted for her? Enough people. That’s who. What have you done for your community, beside the bare minimum? All America asks of it’s citizens is to pay your taxes, vote, and perform jury duty. 3 easy things. I guarantee this young woman does all 3, and then more. She probably volunteers, aids, and advocates.


Probably? So you don’t really know that she pays her taxes, votes and shows up for jury duty. Let’s stop making assumptions and stick to facts.