Police searching for armed carjacking suspect

June 14, 2020

Deputies are looking for an armed man suspected of a carjacking in Goleta on Friday.

Shortly before 11 p.m., the suspect approached a silver Mazda near the intersection of San Simeon Drive and Turnpike Road, brandished a firearm and forced the victim out of the vehicle, according to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department. The suspect then fled the area in the stolen car.

Officials describe the suspect as an Hispanic male, approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall, with a thin build. The stolen car is a silver Mazda 3 hatchback, with California license plate 7HKU198.

Investigators are asking anyone who spots the stolen vehicle to call 9-1-1 and not approach the vehicle or occupants.

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Let him go we don’t want him to resist arrest and get harmed….

This makes me mad. As a Hispanic fitting the description of the suspect, I can be detained.

It’s the dumb ass criminal that pisses me off, making me a suspect when I did nothing wrong.

Maybe we need to lockup violent criminals for longer sentences so the innocent won’t be profiled or harassed?

Why are people who should know better perpetuating the false impression that “defunding” police means no police??? To be obnoxious or simply to distract from addressing the problem that has developed by defunding social services to the point that everything becomes the problem of LE? Most of them would prefer not to be called out when a mental health specialist or homeless intervention team or domestic counseling would be better suited to solve the problem. The situation above is a prime example of what LE was designed to address. Not the other situations they are being expected to handle with inadequate training or tools. Ask one of them how they feel about this before you “vote down” on my comments, if honesty is even a thing in your world..

We “defunded” our social services and other community safety net organizations and shifted funds to LE to the point that LE is forced to take on things they are ill or completely unequipped to handle. Use your brains. Partisan BS will not solve this problem. If you actually respected LEOs, you would prefer they not have to deal with these completely unrelated issues. So would they. Grow up. We need them to be out catching the real criminals.

Maybe the “defund the police” moniker and other extreme anti-police rhetoric is causing the confusion. I would like to talk.

It is very simple. “Defund” is simply the technical term used whenever an amount (large or small) is removed from a section of a budge. We “defunded” social services to the point of almost non-existence and then boosted funds to LE and dumped the problems on them. The idea is to reverse this process and literally get a bit of sanity back into proceedings. A low key mental health issue is better handled by social services than a guy with handcuffs and a gun. And they would prefer it as well.

If someone is deeply disturbed, he should not be let back out onto the street repeatedly and left to become deranged enough to get a weapon and confront our LE. They would prefer not to have to execute these people because they had no choice. Really, would you want to empower someone who liked shooting people?, Because some of those people are beginning to be attracted to the job as it exists now. If you think it is not attracting “bad apples”, then watch the whole street execution of George Floyd. We need to fix this before it gets completely out of hand.

As for “extreme rhetoric”, there is a compilation being created of over 800 video clips of LE going violent on peaceful demonstrators recently. Those are just the incidents that were captured. Imagine how many there actually were. You need to do some research on the topic before we would have much to discuss. As for the killings that have been videoed, they are usually reported as completely routine situations with perpetrators who were a threat to the officers. Only when the evidence is brought forth are they addressed as anything else. Sadly, there are more than a few “bad apples” and the “rhetoric” is not extreme at all. I am well aware that not all LE are the problem, but in some cases, whole departments are being influenced by white supremacists, in the south, for instance. This is not the kind of thing where turning a blind eye is good citizenship. If we do not address it, it is ourselves who are letting them down. It is also not fair to the very amazing and heroic members of our LE, who actually do “protect and serve”.

Think it’s bad now, get rid of the police…Then you will really see something.

At least with this straw man argument you’d get to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights more. What are you complaining about?

Statistically; police rarely prevent crime, they primarily react to it-like in this instance. Their shear numbers are not a deterrent either.

More police does not equal less crime anymore than less police means more crime. No reputable, non-imaginary, person has said zero police either so it’s like you’re arguing with yourself.