SLO County votes for minor reductions in public safety funding

June 10, 2020

The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors voted on Tuesday to cut funding for public safety departments by 1 percent and all other departments by 4 percent to make up for budget shortfall because of the coronavirus.

During the upcoming 2020-2021 fiscal year, the county was anticipating a $32 million to $56 million deficit because of reduced revenue during the pandemic. County staff suggested across the board cuts of 4 percent.

Members of Race Maters SLO asked the board to reallocate a portion of law enforcement funding to social services, housing and mental health services.

Seeking to fully fund public safety, Supervisor Debbie Arnold made a motion to suspend training programs and a building relocation in order to keep the four public safety departments – fire, sheriffs, district attorney, and probation – fully funded. Her motion did not garner a second.

Supervisor John Peschong then made a motion to use $2.5 million in reserve Proposition 172 funding for current shortfalls in public safety funding, to make a 1 percent cut in public safety funding and a 4 percent cut in the remaining departments. The motion passed 4-1 with Arnold dissenting.

On June 16, the board will review and then vote on adoption of the proposed budget changes.

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All County employees, ALL departments should take a pay cut for one year ( 12 consecutive months). 5 percent for ALL rank and file, 10 percent for first line supervisor and mid management, 15 percent for ALL upper management and Department heads.

No sacred cows.

unless the county employees make a lot more money than reported, I don’t think 1% or 4% is going to make up for a 32 to 56 million shortfall. here comes the “we’ve made cuts, but its not enough, we simply have to raise taxes.”

Nunsense ….check out Transparent California website it reveals city county and state employees wages and pensions ….Make sure your sitting down though

Yep, the cuts equal about 3.5 million. Combined with the 2.5 million in reserves and it doesn’t come close to even the low end of the estimated shortfall.

They should not cut law enforcement at all. Thank you Debbie Arnold!

I was around for the first County budget after the passage of Prop 13. A 4% budget reduction at that time would have been a walk in the park. 4% really?