San Luis Obispo executive order closes bars for July 4 weekend

July 2, 2020

The city of San Luis Obispo issued an emergency order closing bars and other alcohol-serving establishments for the July 4 weekend in attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

In response to a recent sharp increase in coronavirus cases, SLO City Manager Derek Johnson issued an emergency proclamation on Wednesday that forces bars to close, effective 10 p.m. Thursday. Bars can reopen on Monday, but they must then operate at 25 percent occupancy or less.

Johnson’s order applies to bars, pubs, breweries, wine tasting venues and other establishments that sell alcohol. Restaurants are exempt from the mandated July 4 weekend closure.

A city news release states concerns are heightened because the July 4 holiday typically draws large crowds to the area.

“The health and safety of the community is our number one priority,” Johnson said in a statement. “The city has been advised by the county that bars are an area of concern for transmission of COVID-19, especially within the city jurisdiction, where bar concentrations are high and visitors from out of the area are drawn during holiday weekends. Taking action to slow the spread of the disease is vital to public health and our economic recovery.”

Over the past 24 hours, health officials have reported 31 newly confirmed coronavirus cases in San Luis Obispo County. The city of SLO is leading with seven new cases, followed by Paso Robles with six and Nipomo with four.

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Don’t fear – Paso Robles is near!! Our bars, drinking establishments are open to one and all.

Bring your money and your mask (only if you want) and party hearty. And if the COVID-19 cases continue to go up and up – then repeat to yourselves – we had fun – we had fun – we had fun.

Or you can go to the Trump Rally in South Dakota where Gov. Kristi Noem declared on The Ingraham Angle, Monday night [6/29/20] “we won’t be social distancing.”

This is why the right wing gets blamed for the virus spread. They are too manly man to wear a mask and social distance.

This is the new age of war. You don’t need to attack the country physically just release a virus or germ and the economy collapses and as you hold the countries debt you now have won the war. The people of this country need to insist we get independent of other countries and our government Dems need to get their SH!!! together and start working together with the other side to get this country going again. You need to blame and hold China accountable for this and not each other. As far as I’m concerned all the money we owe them is considered paid in full and our government should stick to that. Made in China don’t buy it !!!!

Read what I wrote on 3/14/20

Agreed, Covid has been an expose on China’s gov’t as are the reeducation camps and de-democratization of Hong Kong. We better become aware and have independent production of key goods and materials.

FYI, China only holds about 5% of U.S. debt.

And, the conspiracy theory that somehow China released this disease out of their lab to destroy our economy is simply nonsensical. In case you hadn’t noticed, their economy is dependent on ours, and if we aren’t manufacturing cars in Detroit, they aren’t selling their parts to GM, Ford, etc. And, if Walmart or Amazon aren’t selling their widgets, then they aren’t increasing their trade advantage. In fact, the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S. is killing China trade and the trade deficit is at a 4-year low. So, let’s just put that propaganda to rest.

Nevertheless, I do agree with your anger at China. They have too much of an advantage over us when it comes to trade. I thought the Trans-Pacific Partnership which would have isolated China was a good idea, and had Republican support from Senators such as McCain, Graham, Sasse, Collins, etc. But, because it was an Obama idea, Trump rejected it.

Trump ranted incessantly during his 2016 campaign that he would end the manufacturing disparity between our nations. instead, upon election, he promptly named Robert Lighthizer, a corporate shill, as U.S. trade representative, Wilbur Ross, a billionaire who has benefited massively from globalism, as Commerce secretary and Steven Mncuhin, a banker who benefits from the status quo, as Treasury secretary, as the men who would negotiate trade with China. Not surprisingly, it hasn’t worked out. The number of manufacturing jobs in the U.S. has declined under Trump, as they had under Bush and Obama.

What needs to happen is that companies such as Amazon, Walmart, Apple, Facebook, Target and other corporate Goliaths—just as Standard Oil was taken apart in the early 1900’s—should be broken up. For all his bluster against Jeff Bezos, Trump has balked from really sanctioning Amazon and limiting their monopoly. We need to invest in small business and raise wages, which, of course, means that men such as Trump, Bezos, Ross and Mnuchin will have to pay more taxes.

Unfortunately, that’s not likely with this current iteration of the federal government.

Local retail, restaurant, travel and tourism industries are not going to recover unless this virus is under some form of control. Regardless of gov’t policy, key customers are not going to shop, eat out, travel, etc., if it puts them or their loved ones at risk. This is a realty. So, to help in THINKING about virus control and the economic impacts, two news sources:

7/1/20, ‘Face Masks and GDP’ from Goldman Sacks

7/2/20, ‘Failure to slow the spread of COVID-19 could spark a full-blown financial crisis, Fed president says’ from Business Insider.

So to those in the right wing and the protest sections of the political spectrums, please get educated, rather than taking another dose of anger triggers and name calling. Your country needs you to wise up.

Unfortunate, but there aren’t too many options left to the leaders short of going back into lockdown mode. At least retail stores can remain open, for whatever that’s worth. Fortunately, there will probably be a downward trajectory in the coming months, now that we’ve passed the hurdle of Cal Poly students, protests, bars, masks, and soon tourism. It’s a shame that I can’t imagine too many smaller local businesses surviving through all of this. KSBY reports today that over a dozen stores in downtown have gone under already. After Covid passes, our community is going to look completely different, with larger businesses swooping in to pick up the pieces after the fallout.

Lol. No mention of the leftwing protest spreading the virus.

See the portion of the comment “protest sections of the political spectrum” that would include the left wing.

“protest sections of the political spectrums” includes BLM protests & Reopen Rallies

This is supposed to stop social gathering? Do the leaders of SLO have extra chromosomes? Will Harmon celebrate our Declaration of Independence?

It will stop multiple social gatherings of 100+ people all breathing on each other in close proximity in a crowded bar.