Vandals again trash Grover Beach Elementary School

July 11, 2020

Investigators are asking the public’s help in identifying a pair of vandals who broke into the Grover Beach Elementary School on Thursday night and caused more than $1,700 in damage.

Surveillance cameras captured the pair hopping a fence as they entered the school grounds. In the video, it appears the suspects are female.

On Monday, school employees discovered racist graffiti spray painted on the school. The vandal or vandals painted a stick figure hanging from a noose and a racial slur.

Officers asked the public for help identifying two persons of interest in the graffiti case, who investigators later determined were not involved in the vandalism.

Investigators are asking anyone who recognizes the people in the latest video to contact the Grover Beach Police Department at (805) 473-4511.

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When something so clumsily obvious and over-the-top like a noose is claimed to exist, or the actual painting of one such as this, a “false flag” or “stir it up” situation comes to mind.

Like Bubba Watson NASCAR driver claiming a garage closure rope loop was the ultimate act of the “r” word, and half the world comes out to sympathize, it is very easy to ponder if someone is race-baiting or issue-driving with cheap and offensive symbolism just to keep their “cause” churning and in the news.

Nice try, girls. You’re just damaging idiots or spoiled Central Coast child anarchist wanna-be types, I bet.

Nobody is fooled; get over your “cause”, your entire society isn’t racist despite the occasional bad cop. We’ve come eons FORWARD from 1950’s Alabama and this is a GREAT and accepting society for 99.99% of us. Tip: Don’t forget to spray-paint “white privilege” in the hallways next time..

But now we have Trump-voters, so its free-speech.

I remember when girls would never think of doing these thing nor ever be part of it. It was only the dirtiest of dirt-bag guys that would consider taking part in such low life acts.

It’s so ‘cutting edge’ and ‘progressive’ to see the young ladies getting their share these days.