Deputies arrest 5 marijuana growers in rural Santa Margarita

August 6, 2020


Law enforcement raided two illegal marijuana grows in rural Santa Margarita last week leading to the seizure of approximately 5,000 plants and the arrest of five people.

A few days prior to the raid, members of the  San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Cannabis Enforcement Unit discovered two illegal pot farms in the area of Parkhill Road and Huer Huero Road. The plants were in different stages of cultivation. If harvested at maturity, the cannabis would have been worth approximately $5 million.

At one of the properties, investigators discovered a container of carbofuran — an illegal dangerous toxic pesticide known to be extremely hazardous. Deputies also seized five weapons, including a fully automatic AK 47 style assault rifle with a 30-round magazine and 100-round drum style magazine.

The growers diverted nearby sources of water to their illegal cannabis plants.

Evidence at the scenes indicated both grow sites were likely part of a Mexican National cultivation operation. Five men from out of area were arrested, Antonio Mendoza Alvarado, a man with a criminal history and ties to a criminal street gang.

Because of the zero-bail policy, the sheriff’s office released all five arrestees within eight hours of the time they were booked  into San Luis Obispo County Jail.

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You’ll see more stories like this as long as SLO county cannabis regulations remain corrupt. If the price of cannabis was reasonable, the black market and illegal grows would disappear.

The paramilitary hardware looks mighty similar to that carried and brandished by the Qanon pretend military dudes in Seattle and Portland! Go figure? Do we know who “the bad guys” are yet?

Is there some way to legalize MJ and take this income stream away from the drug cartels? Prohibition has never worked. Just feeds the mob and no I don’t use the product.

“Because of the zero-bail policy, the sheriff’s office released all five arrestees within eight hours of the time they were booked into San Luis Obispo County Jail.” Who put into place the Zero Bail Policy? Whats the sense of arresting the criminals then letting them go free? Enough of the liberal judges, politicians and….. enough is enough. What can we “Citizens” do to take our county back?

VOTE for different leadership in CA

I find it way too coincidental that the suspects were released and magically a house fire erupts and starts the Pond Fire in same area where raided grow was .Then add in all the fires mysteriously igniting in Ca Valley about 10 or 12 to date , all in locations of marijuana grows .

But no press releases on how any/or most of the fires were started in North county in last 30 days. HUH am I missing something ???