Man steals landscaping from SLO coffeehouse

August 10, 2020

With plans to increase customers through outdoor dining, the owners of the Kreuzberg coffeehouse on Higuera Street in San Luis Obispo purchased a variety of potted plants to place around their parklet.

However, Thursday evening a man snatched multiple plants, walking away with one or two potted plants at a time. Kreuzberg management suspects the thief either lives nearby or was walking the plants to a parked vehicle.

“At 11:45 on Thursday night, this dude walked off with a bunch of landscaping for our new parklet, including a $250 olive tree we had named Olive and loved with all our hearts,” according to the Kreuzberg Facebook page. “Who recognizes him??? Please share.”

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Probably just another “peaceful” protester.

250 dollar olive tree, does it have gold dust sprinkled on it?…. lord that place…. I prefer Linneas…..

Good gosh, what is happening? Now “Olive tree nappers”? I believe that a major part of our society is becoming desensitized to “LAW AN ORDER” as a result of the many damn “uncivilized” protests. Offensive language, infringement on other rights, endangering other people and the “do the crime and DON’T worry you won’t have to serve any time” mentality. People are not respecting other people’s property and aren’t that concerned that anything will happen to them. Sad, sad, sad.

The vulgarization of America has been under way for some years now but really got into high gear with the election of our foul mouthed and foul behaving stable genius.

You know SLO is a small town when a story about someone stealing a couple of potted plants makes headlines at all the local news outlets.

When it comes to narcissists like self-proclaimed “JWW CEO” (aka neither poor nor sexy), it’s always “all about me, me, me, me, me!”.

The new Covid reality, why not do the crime when you’ll do no time:(