Ventura County church hit with temporary restraining order

August 9, 2020

A pastor at a Ventura County church said Friday that he plans to continue holding inside services, shortly after a judge issued a temporary restraining order baring indoor worship services.

Rob McCoy, the pastor of Godspeak Calvary Chapel in Newbury Park, has defied orders to stop indoor services because of the coronavirus. McCoy argued his parish was not at risk, noting that none of the parishioners had tested positive for the virus.

Ventura County’s administrator and health officer filed a lawsuit last week noting the pastor’s actions could harm the public, through increased hospitalizations and even deaths.

Ventura County Superior Court Judge Matthew Guasco agreed noting an “immediate threat to public health.”

“On a scale of one to 10 of the most immediate irreparable harm possible, this is a 10,” Judge Guasco said Friday. “It doesn’t get much more immediate or irreparable than the threat that a lot of people are going to spread a contagious and deadly disease.”

Even so, McCoy said he plans to continue holding indoor worship services.

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Just call it “Peaceful protests”

So if a few protesters stop hold hands and pray will they finally be arrested?…

This may be a good time to error on the side of caution. I understand that we should protect our constitutional rights but this is may be a case where everyone will pay for the belief of a church Shepard. Months ago I knew nobody who knew of somebody that had the COVIRUS, last Saturday I meet a person who had a sister who died from it, never mind that her brother was a-symptomatic and here aged father spent a couple of days in the hospital. It is obvious that most will have no problem and others may die, that simple, so I would say that the church service can be on the lawn, the parking-lot or the street. Nobody has to chance the cool aid. Many know that god gave us a free will, without that we can not truly choose our path.

And so the end begins.

The churches were always on the wrong side of history:inquisition,slavery ,Franco ,Mussolini,Lbgt,women rights,now basic science.You could expect spiritual leaders to be educated.

Easy Solution: It’s not a Church Service. It’s a Peaceful Protest. Problem Solved, as our friends on the left will endorse and now support it.

This pastor may wind up being martyred like Thomas Becket was after he asserted the supremacy of church over crown.

Liberals go to churches, but not to racist churches.

What about the threat from protestors not social distancing?

both protests and church services spread the virus around. But listen – it’s a hell of a lot easier to enforce a ban on churches than it is a protest. It’s the difference between herding cows and herding a pack of wild dogs.

“It’s the difference between herding cows and herding a pack of wild dogs.”

And there, in a nutshell, is the essential lesson of all history: This is what you get when you put the wild dogs in charge of your “government.”