Paso Robles police nab parolee armed with a loaded gun

August 29, 2020

Daniel Higgins

Paso Robles police officers arrested a parolee on Wednesday who was found to be driving with drugs and a loaded pistol.

An officer stopped a vehicle being driven by parolee Daniel Higgins. During a search of the car, the officer found methamphetamine, heroin, scales, cash, weapons and other contraband, according to the Paso Robles Police Department.

The loaded pistol officers found had a missing serial number.

Officers arrested Higgins on 12 different felony charges related to drug and weapon offenses, as well as on two misdemeanors. Officers booked Higgins in San Luis Obispo County Jail, and police attained a parole hold on him.

The sheriff’s office website does not currently list Higgins as being in custody.

Paso Robles police had previously arrested Higgins for assault with a deadly weapon.

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So what laws would have prevented this guy from getting the firearm?

I’m pro-gun, so hate to be that guy — but the pic clearly shows a p80 frame.

Certain politicians are trying to ban the ability to buy this type of lower, since you can order them straight to your house with no background check.

A convicted felon can go online right now and purchase a full p80 build kit and have a completely functional Glock replica with no background check.

Now I doubt this guy is an enthusiast who took the time to DIY build a p80. Instead someone else probably bought it, built it, then sold it to him. Those are the types of assholes that ruin law-abiding citizens’ ability to purchase firearm parts legally.

New York has banned the ability to purchase these online — so none of the 80% manufacturers ship there anymore. Laws that prevent you from purchasing these will be on the books before you know it.

Out and back in business. Minus a little inventory, but that figures into the cost of doing business.

How did he pass the California mandated background check to buy that firearm?

That’s a p80 frame. You can order the lower direct to your house. No background check needed.

If he had some clown makeup on , he’d have the sad clown look down to a T

He looks like a respectable enough guy…. //s//