Tears for Tianna Arata

September 6, 2020

Andy Caldwell


When I consider Tianna Arata, I don’t see a Martin Luther King in the making, not yet anyway, despite what the BLM spin doctors have to say. Instead, I see a young kid who got inebriated with a sense of power, hubris, and celebrity only to wake up to find herself charged with 13 misdemeanors, which she has now discovered is “terribly inconvenient”.

Who is to blame for her predicament? Let’s start with Tianna herself. Like many people her age, she is shocked to learn that her actions have consequences. The allegations against her have to do with leading followers onto the U.S. 101 freeway which by definition created a “hostage-type” situation for motorists.

The freeway was blocked on two separate occasions. Many believe a third attempt was only thwarted by riot officers and tear gas. Regardless, enough was enough.

Tianna’s big mistake was that she picked the wrong town to launch a career as a rising star in the BLM movement. At this point in the story, we need to start naming the other people who are to blame for her predicament, namely SLO’s Heidi Harmon, the worst mayor on the Central Coast, and the soon-to-depart SLO police chief, Deanna Cantrell. These two woke progressives gave the young and naive Tianna way too much latitude for her own good.

In this age of the coronavirus shutdown, Heidi Harmon herself took part in rallies and marches that served to shut down downtown SLO. And, it is more than apparent, that the police chief did not bother to charge Tianna or others for any of her previous actions except during the apparent failed attempt to storm the freeway a third time. This soft approach to enforcing the law led Tianna to build up a sense of hubris until the city, the motorists, the merchants, and the residents finally had enough.

Tianna Arata, in the center, stomping on a burnt flag

The biggest blame for the tears of Tianna falls to the leadership of BLM. It is certainly legitimate for citizens to hold a genuinely peaceful rally in cities that actually have a record of conflict, including cases of brutality, between the police and the black community. It is another thing altogether to try and score political points and create a ruckus in communities that have little to no record of such conflict, and in a community which doesn’t have much of a black population to begin with.

That is, the black population on the Central Coast runs about 2 percent of the total population and most all of these residents, except for the gang bangers, lead upstanding lives meaning they have had little to no contact with law enforcement to begin with, unless of course they work in law enforcement.

Regardless, when Sheriff Ian Parkinson tried to attest to this lack of race-based controversy surrounding local law enforcement, he was attacked as a denier!

SLO also happens to be one of the few progressive jurisdictions that is not served by a George Soros hand-picked District Attorney at the ready to dismiss any and all charges against illegal activities associated with “peaceful” protests. Moreover, the attempt to pressure, threaten and dissuade District Attorney Dan Dow from doing his job of administering justice for the people, whose rights were violated during the “peaceful” protest, is simply adding insult to injury.

Hopefully, somebody with a modicum of wisdom and righteousness will inform Tianna that Martin Luther King was successful because he drew the sympathies and compassion of the general public to the plight of black people in America. For a near perfect rebuke of the organization BLM by a man who has history in Dr. King’s movement, see this recent speech by Tennessee State Representative John J. Deberry Jr here:

I have actually been involved in a genuine Black Lives Matter movement for over 40 years. It started with my three black roommates in college, my studies at the college that focused on what was then called “minority studies”, a seven year prison ministry, and a life of calling out the significant pathologies in the black community that are mostly responsible for destroying black lives. Specifically, genocidal abortion rates, fatherless families, the school to prison pipeline, the double whammy of rejecting anything resembling “acting white” which the Smithsonian just resurrected in grand style along with the abysmal unbelief that cycles of poverty and despair can be broken, the prevalence of gangs and the street code that rejects cooperation with law authorities, and finally, drugs, alcohol, high unemployment and drop out rates and associated generational dependency on welfare which guarantees perpetual poverty.

Moreover, there are several articles that have been published on the BLM movement which indicate that the name of the organization is pure marketing genius for a Trojan horse of Marxism whose purpose is destruction of America institutions including the nuclear family and belief in God, along with other foundations of Western Civilization.

As a point of reference, I have interviewed David Horowitz a number of times over the years. David was a pioneer Marxist revolutionary in the 1960’s who was also involved with the original Black Panthers. His associate at the David Horowitz’s Freedom Center, John Perazzo, who I recently interviewed, wrote an excellent expose on BLM,

In conclusion, Tianna, spitting and stomping on our flag while dropping f* bombs at the police, our country and our flag, and everyone else who came within earshot, is not how you win friends and influence people, and it does absolutely nothing to improve black lives. Additionally, blocking freeways is not a winning strategy to encourage people to listen to what you have to say with an open heart and mind. There surely is a better way.

Andy Caldwell is an advocate for Black Lives and a candidate for Congress.

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Andy, I agree with your analysis. I think these people are activists of convenience and opportunity ( like our Mayor). They do not have the true fortitude and resilience of those in the past who have risen up to fight REAL racism and oppression. They are so cowardly and self centered. These minions are tools of a more sinister agenda. Those who chose to not see it are blind, naive or worse. Tiana will go away, grow up, and hopefully someday raise a family, drive a minivan and roll her eyes at her younger self. She would only be so lucky. That’s the future of these Covid-bored Cal Poly “protestors”. Time to ignore them.

“risen up to fight REAL racism and oppression. ”

Who? What gop’er did that?

” These minions are tools of a more sinister agenda. ” They did say Soros, Obama etc and lets not forget the red scare!

Let’s start with Abraham Lincoln, then we can give you decades and decades, including Women’s Suffrage, the first African American ever invited to eat in the White House ( 1902??), and let’s not forget MLK was a “GOPer”.( source, his niece)….so “kettle”, please

Well said, Andy. This is a very sad time in our nation and this generation of entitled, uneducated people of ALL RACES is not going to lead us in a good direction.

I am tired of hearing the excuses and blaming others for their problems. I pray that a sense of reason and Godliness returns to our nation. Our young people need to read President Abraham Lincoln’s speech and proclamation of 1863. It speaks volumes to all people of all races!

“I am tired of hearing the excuses and blaming others for their problems.”

“and this generation of entitled, uneducated people of ALL RACES is not…. ”

Almost have it, not too far now.

Also speaking of reason and Godliness, what would Jesus do? Pick up a weapon or stand with the people?


But what would Martha Stewart do? And “uneducated?” It seems as if more than half of the protesters are white college kids. The uneducated are the climate deniers, the anti-vaxxers, and the extreme right and left wing voters.

Thanks for writing this piece.. no I know that you are the last person in the world that I would ever vote for with your ” pathologies in the black community” bullshit. Apparently you don’t realize those are SYMPTOMS not causes, you self righteous racist.

oh, (yawn), another one….. give it a rest…calling folks you don’t agree with ‘racist’ is so ‘yesterday’…

Parts of this opinion piece make sense. I have questions about “a George Soros hand-picked District Attorney .” More explanation would be good. It sounds pretty Fox News.

Also: “destruction of America institutions including the nuclear family and belief in God, along with other foundations of Western Civilization.” I’m not sure that either the nuclear family or a belief in “God” is necessarily a path to righteousness.

I don’t fully understand BLM, much like I did not understand Me Too. I’m not black and I’ve never treated women badly. But in the end, I have to think that so many people making similar claims cannot all be making things up.

“More explanation would be good” And interfere with the with the impact of scary talking points (have to bring up jews for full fox news impact) just like the red scare and reefer madness.

Here are some examples of soros backed DAs



It doesn’t have to be direct contributions to their campaigns but instead through PACs and various other organizations. If I’m not mistaken he’s also behind the DA in Portland who won’t charge rioters and “peaceful protestors” with crimes unless they are “violent”. I’m sure I could find some more examples if you’re truly interested all you have to do is google “George soros backed district attorneys” and for those who all think it’s just a right wing conspiracy there are plenty of other news outlets outside foxnews who report on this stuff. As any good prosecutor or investigator will tell you, “follow the money”.

Soros made a lot of his money with currency manipulation through various different European countries and the American dollar. While the way he made money was brilliant, the causes he believes in are questionable.

Couldn’t agree more.

This article is a little oxymoronic. It’s odd how anyone whom wants to house the homeless, have functioning roads and schools, a fair tax and court system, and not want an America where 40% of the populous is paycheck to paycheck paying over 30% rent, is a socialist marxists. You support the acknlodgement of minority oppression, yet choose to boycott it at the same time because change has t come quick enough. The nuclear god bearing american family has caused war in almost every continent, a decimated climate relative to a asteroid impact, generated a waste epidemic, has a drug epidemic, mass poverty, nuclear waste, global warming, and almost half the world in extreme poverty, failing infrastructure, a excessively bloated military, endorses international war crimes and terrorism; Guatamalas Genocide, Saudi Arabia and Yemens war. To say it isnt time to change, is immoral and un Godly, a sin of thought Andy, and the trouble you’ve caused locally by endorsing fringe radical individuals, is not different than Tianas behavior. At least she’s on the Right side of History, regardless of her actions. All, marched peacefully, but was encouraged peaceful civil disobedience.

You got me at “peaceful civil disobedience”. So, if a group of people who lost their livelihood due to Covid restriction blocks 101 as an act of peaceful disobedience and take drivers temporary hostages, I am sure you will support their right, correct?

While I agree that the methods of the BLM movement have tragically served to alienate potential allies who were finally paying attention to the brutal murders of so many black Americans, I find much of this opinion to be disturbing and representative of the cluelessly clueless. You’ve been “calling out” the pathology of the black culture? In a vacuum? Any root cause analysis or acceptance of the interconnected of white culture in the problem? Or just the typical veneer and lack of desire to go deeper and question your “40 year” reality that has accomplished little. I believe Tianna deserves to be charged. I saw the videos. But I absolutely support a movement to disrupt thinking such as that expressed in the article. Thinking that doesn’t recognize that having only “2%” of our population identified as black IS indicative of something amiss.

I wish I had not read this.

At this point everything I hear from Caldwell all the way to trump is likely to be the exact opposite of reality.

This is the “Family Values party” .Liars, cheaters and more.

Thank you, Andy!

Vote Andy Caldwell for Congress!

She’s an adult, right?

Not a single felony charged. My guess is she’ll get a slap on the wrist – along with her newfound celebrity.

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