Three SLO County residents die from coronavirus over the weekend

September 14, 2020

Three San Luis Obispo County residents died from the coronavirus over the weekend, bringing the county virus death toll to 26.

One of the people who died was in their 90s, and the other two were in their 80s. All three had underlying health conditions, according to county health officials.

San Luis Obispo County reported an average of 20 daily new cases of coronavirus last week, down from an average of 21 a day a week earlier and 35 the prior week.

Over the past week, SLO County had an average of 10 cases per 100,000 residents. In order for the state to loosen restrictions, the county needs to have an average of seven cases per 100,000 residents for 14 days.

During the past six days, SLO County reported 134 new coronavirus cases. San Luis Obispo leads with 48 new cases, followed by Paso Robles with 27.

Of the 3,279 confirmed coronavirus cases in SLO County, 3,048 individuals have recovered, and 26 have died. Of those still suffering from the virus, there are 11 people in the hospital — three in intensive care, and 190 recuperating at home.

Cases by city:

  • Paso Robles — 780
  • San Luis Obispo — 542
  • Atascadero — 354
  • Nipomo — 330
  • CMC inmates — 282
  • Arroyo Grande — 201
  • Grover Beach — 151
  • Templeton — 121
  • San Miguel — 115
  • Oceano — 103
  • Pismo Beach — 54
  • Los Osos — 55
  • Morro Bay — 50
  • Shandon — 31
  • Cambria — 33
  • Santa Margarita — 26
  • Cayucos — 17
  • Creston — 9
  • Avila Beach — 7
  • San Simeon — 6
  • Other county cases — 8

As of Monday afternoon, there have been 765,779 positive cases, and 14,462 deaths in California.

Currently, more than 6,749,289 U.S. residents have tested positive for the virus, and 199,000 have died.

In addition, the number of people infected with the virus worldwide continues to increase: 29,440,414 cases with 932,715 dead.

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I dont think this county does enough to educate the hispanic culture. I see huge parties every weekend, no one wearing masks. In no way saying thats the reason for numbers staying high.

I sure hope that fate ends this virus soon as possible and that “death stops traveling”.

Random thought

With SLO county currently running a national ad campaign promoting east coast visitors I don’t think you’ll get your wish. Stop the traveling and you stop the death.

Yeah the 80 and 90 year olds that are dying here from COVID, while living in nursing homes need to stop their vigilant traveling.

News flash, if you are unhealthy and for that matter extremely unhealthy and catch COVID you have a chance of dying. If you were healthy before contacting COVID, you will survive, with little to no symptoms or illness. Let’s see, 3,000+ people I. Our county contacted the virus and we have 23 deaths, so that’s about .6 percent death rate.

Stay scared……

How quick we forget about the old world travels to the new world. All we had to do was sneeze to take out a culture. If terrestrial travel is a concern today, just wait to see what can happen if we go to some other planet and return. Be grateful if you can stay close to home.

Something never discussed: At this rate Social Security may become fundable in the future. Just saying.