Police arrest 5 for drug and firearms arrests at hotel in SLO

October 2, 2020

Michele Chavez, Joshua Finneran and Barbara Jordan (left to right)

San Luis Obispo police officers arrested five suspects on a variety on drug and firearms charges outside a hotel on Monterey Street on Wednesday.

On Wednesday morning, investigators received information that wanted suspect Joshua Finneran, 33, was staying at a hotel in the 1800 block of Monterey Street. Finneran had warrants for post release community supervision violations and for possessing narcotics for sale with gang enhancements, according to police.

Investigators located a vehicle belonging to Finneran in the parking lot of the hotel and conducted surveillance. Shortly afterwards, Finneran and Michele Chavez, 25, returned to the vehicle.

Officers took Finneran into custody for his outstanding warrants and discovered he was in possession of a controlled substance and a loaded firearm.

Police also arrested Chavez, whom they found in possession of methamphetamine and fentanyl for sales.

Later, investigators learned William Soto, 29, and Barbara Jordan, 37, were staying at the same hotel. Soto is a known associate of Finneran and was also wanted for post release community supervision violations.

SLO County Sheriff’s investigators arrived at the scene and assisted police officers with conducting surveillance of additional vehicles associated with Soto and Jordan. During the surveillance operation, Soto, Jordan and Thomas Westbrook, 38, returned to the vehicles and were detained.

Westbrook fled from officers and was and was caught and taken into custody a short distance away. Authorities arrested Westbrook for obstructing officers, possession of methamphetamine and felony probation violations.

Officers found Soto to be in possession of two loaded handguns, as well as narcotics and money that indicated he was involved in drug sales.

Police arrested Jordan for probation violations.

Finneran and Soto remain in the SLO County Jail with their bail set at $200,000 and $80,000 respectively. Chavez, Jordan and Westbrook are not currently in custody, according to the sheriff’s website.

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This is SOP at motels on Calle Joaquin, and more often now on Monterey Street. Typically someone must have a credit card on file even if they choose to pay cash. I want the name of the hotel/motel and their TOT records.

Only $4k.

I wonder if it was actually $7k and police only turned in $4k, a la Training Day

There must be some mistake. Barbara Jordan is obviously 73, not 37 like CCN states.

another reason to stay away from meth. both of them looking pretty rough for 33 and 37.