San Luis Obispo woman hoping to get her cat back

October 12, 2020



When San Luis Obispo resident Kelly Anderson lost her cat Maulks in late August, she never thought she’d have to fight to get her beloved cat back.

Anderson was surprised at the community support she received after her 13-year-old three-legged cat failed to come home. She placed missing cat signs around town and posted a plea on Nextdoor for neighbors to help her find her cat.

“Even strangers have reached out to help,” Anderson said. “It is very encouraging.”

On Saturday, SLO City Council candidate James Papp said he knew where the cat was, but did not disclose the location.

“Found Maulks safe in a new home,” Papp responded to Anderson on Nextdoor. “More later.”

Maulks has always lived as an indoor and outdoor cat, often wandering around its downtown neighborhood. On several occasions, Anderson has retrieved her cat from Papp’s place.

Papp said his door was open, the cat walked in, and he fed Maulks.

During the past three days, Papp and Anderson have gone back and forth on Nextdoor, with Papp insisting the cat is happy in its new home, and Anderson pleading for him to tell her where her cat is located.

Papp argues that when you allow a cat to wander outside, you have a reasonable expectation it will not come back. He also questions if anyone can truly own a cat.

Exchange from Nextdoor:

Anderson: “Why wouldn’t you tell me where or give them my info so I can get him back? You know I’ve been worried and trying to find him. This message makes me upset. As if your the one to decide whats best. Can you please give me their info.”

Papp: “The person who had Maulks is themself very upset. Someone told me not to get involved because everyone would be upset at me, but I wanted you to know he is safe.”

Anderson: “Why would they be upset? It is not their cat. Why would you tell me you know where he is, but won’t tell me? I have been searching for over a month. Called animal services multiple times. Filed reports. Fliers. Gone door to door. And your telling me that what these people are doing is ok. You are supporting theft. Aren’t you running for city council? Aren’t you supposed to help the people of this city?”

Papp argues that it is not reasonable to let cats wander, and that if she loved the cat, she would keep it indoors.

“It is now an indoor cat, and it is happy,” Papp said. “The cat has three legs because it is allowed to wander.”

Papp claims Anderson has left the cat unattended when she leaves town for work, showing she does not love the cat.

“If she loves this animal, she would not let it wander,” Papp said. “It is not my business. This is taking away from city issues such as homelessness and climate change.”

Anderson says Papp does not know her, and that when she works out of town, she hires a cat sitter.

Anderson is hoping to be reunited with Maulks, and has filed a police report.

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Wow. Our city has some big problems if we’re arguing over a cat. Set the egos aside, find the cat with some meow mix and shut TF up. Move on to some bigger issues like how the locals are sick and tired of all the BS and newbies. Go home to LA LA Land or the Bay. There is plenty of space to cry up there. We sick of this BS!!!


James Papp doesn’t give a f**k about Kelly Anderson and her relationship with HER cat. I have reached out to her on craigslist and hope to get more information that will allow neighborhood locals to end this. Mr. Papp is nuts, not local, and needs to move if he cannot respect his neighbors.


Oh my goodness enough is enough There are so many more important things going on that deserve our attention than this. At this time there have been 56 comments on this story about a cat, and a strange guy(James Papp) involved that has little, to no chance of getting on the SLO City council. This should, and will, seal his fate as a failed candidate. It’s also very unfortunate that Dave has wasted close to three hours of air time on this. Complete insanity. It’s a cat!!!! Let get real here.

CCN has had four stories this week regarding the tragic deaths of three human beings due to drug overdoses and homelessness, or a combination of both. Very few comments related to those human lives lost. There is a horrific drug and homeless epidemic right here before us. Again, human lives are being lost. Maybe if we had as much compassion, and care for the homeless and drug epidemic as we do for this cat, human lives would be saved. I would say we are all in need our priorities being revisited. Animals have their place in our lives, but the lives of others need to be held much higher.


Well, at least five of you at this point, can’t handle the truth.


Some of us would walk barefoot over broken glass to save a beautiful innocent defenseless animal who has been dominated by a thinking human being. I admit that I am not as concerned about thinking human beings who have made some poor choices and might not be anyone’s victims but themselves.

Try not to be so condescending. it does not help how you are viewed.


I applaud you for your passion. My question to you is would you also walk barefoot over broken glass to save a precious, innocent and defenseless child who’s right to life has been denied by dominating and selfish thinking humans? A innocent victim of a poor choice as well. I admit, without any shame, that a human life will always come before the life of any animal.


Papp sez the cat is now once again indoor/outdoor and can choose its home. Never a more obvious lie given his initial motivation. I don’t want to hear of or from him again on the radio, in print, or in politics unless he’s returning the cat. If he’s ever on KVEC again I will stop shopping at Spencer’s, encourage people not to buy Fords from Perry’s, never again buy a Linn’s pie. I already know not to take vehicles to Villa’s. All I can think about is when is he going to steal or encourage someone to steal my friendly micro-chipped indoor/outdoor cat?

Kathie Walker

The cat’s owner, Kelly, was on Dave’s show today to talk about the circumstances. Here’s a link to the heartfelt podcast:

This story has hit me especially hard because I love my pets so much. I have to admit that I would probably not be as gracious and composed as Kelly has been throughout this ordeal and am grateful for local news that highlights human interest stories such as this one. I hope we can all agree that the best solution is a happy outcome in which Kelly is reunited with Maulks and James Papp can focus on his campaign for SLO city council without being harassed about ‘Catgate’.

P.S. To James Papp: Please listen to the second portion of Dave’s conversation today and consider his solution for a peaceful outcome in which Kelly gets her cat back. The link to that podcast is here:


He won’t. He has too much invested and will do anything necessary to prevent Kelly from getting HER cat back. And the owners of the Dallidet Abobe complicit? Sick, cruel, and hateful. While I recognize that cats are not dogs, but I goddamn guarantee you that my indoor/outdoor cats are mine, or I’m theirs, or a combination of the two. I think vet bills, flea meds, and pet-sitting would be unnecessary, but additional, evidence. Again, Papp-minded people scare me.


Yes another liberal taking something someone loves or changing to suit there needs at this stage of there feelings. I have a inside mainly outside cat rescued kept running away so I adopted her and gave her want she wanted freedom like the rest us and every day I come home or in morning she’s there I gave her what she wanted and she’s loyal to my family. Cats own you.


Well, hopefully James Papp doesn’t steal your cat on the basis that you do not “own” it. It has been legally established that pets are personal property and that animal services authorities govern their care by their owners and are subject to confiscation or prosecution for neglect or abuse. I would be traumatized by Papp stealing my cat, no one could give it any better loving care.


This is utterly ridiculous! ITs a CAT, NOT a DOG. IT is not only Resonable, IT is the Cats Natural Habit to Roam! The CAT is happiest running free, going from house to house visiting his friends and sharing a bite of food. That’s what cats do! House bound cats or Scaredy Cats, have been indoors since birth. And would be scared to death going out into the big world. But, You can NOT take a normal indoor/outdoor cat and expect to trap him indoors. HE will become agitated, depressed and will probably poop on your pillow! IT is cruel! IT is abusive to trap a normal cat indoors. Someone needs to report this Papp guy for animal abuse. It is not his place nor choice to make the decision to trap this poor cat indoors. And if he really doesn’t have the cat, he needs to be held responsible for flaunting this horrid circumstance! Shameful way to treat your neighbor. such arrogance. YOU Mr. Papp do Not get to decide how other people live. You Mr. Papp do not get to choose for other people how to care for this animal. The Cat is not yours. The Cat is in no way degraded by roaming the neighborhood. It is the natural way of the animal.

There was a documentary . a few years ago, showing a small town in Ireland. They put camera’s on all the cats of the town. ON the average, a cat visits 9 different houses in a single day! They will walk right in your neighbors house and take a bite of food. They will take a nap next to their buddy 2 blocks away. Then wander off to the next house, making the rounds, all in time to make it home for dinner.

Give up the CAT!



Did the camera show when the cat used someone’s property for a litter box and the neighbor when they found the gift? Once you take a cat in, keep it in.


Keep it IN? No! Never lock a cat inside the house! Unless the cat has always been an indoor cat, and you have adopted it from someone else whom has kept the cat solely indoors. If the cat came upon your property, and pooped there, he is probably looking for another place to visit. One of many! IT doesnt necessarily mean he will be solely yours.

And Actually, the rule is, IF the cat stays for 1 month, you become the responsible owner of the cat. But no “Trapping” like Mr. Papp did.


An animal is chattel (property) and this cat was stolen, I think the SLO PD should have a little talk with Papp. You can’t go around saying you know where stolen property is without repercussions.


SLO PD would probably rather shoot the cat than dive into the weeds, if they didn’t leave their guns on the TP dispenser of a fast food restaurant… That would be the end of that, cat.