SLO Democrat voting for Cherisse Sweeney for mayor

October 23, 2020


I am a San Luis Obispo resident and registered Democrat proudly supporting Cherisse Sweeney for mayor.

I have read some of the lies being told about this candidate and cannot remain silent. I have met Mayoral Candidate Cherisse Sweeney and can report without reservation that she is the real deal!

She is committed to her non-partisan position and intent on unifying our community.

She is an extremely intelligent woman and local business owner with fiscal responsibility.

She brings experience in working with multiple agencies, local, state and federal which will be useful in addressing our homeless situation in SLO.

This Democrat encourages you to vote for Cherisse Sweeney.  A vote for Sweeney is a vote for a positive direction for the City of San Luis Obispo.

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I’m with you Cherisse!

Nice. Finally a Democrat that has the ability to see the light. You have made a great choice to support Cherisse Sweeney.

A bigger problem for all of us that don’t live or vote in San Luis, yet have to do business there on a regular basis, we have to live with your choice:(

My girlfriend will no longer shop there unless she absolutely has to, preferring Santa Maria, due to changes that have happened under Heidi’s watch, she just doesn’t feel safe there anymore:(

Hopefully with a new mayor and supporting council, as well as a competent police chief, San Luis can go back to the City that we once loved!!!

Take the time to meet with her like I did and many others have……she is the “real deal”.

Cherisse has my vote for Mayor.

We’ll check back with you around this time next election. It never changes.

Qualified or not…best candidate or not – she moved to an apartment in SLO for the express purpose of running for Mayor. In my day they called that a carpetbagger.

Since she has a business in SLO, she has a dog in the fight.

Are you sure she didn’t live with a bunch of college kids at a house she owns by Laguna Lake, even though she owns a mansion near AG? Oh wait that was Alan Settle….. and there was no problem there.

Your talking about Harmon, correct?

Hospitalguy, that’s literally 100% not true. Fact-checked and you’re simply wrong. Not sure when your “day” was, but a carpetbagger is a political candidate who seeks election in an area where they have no local connections. That also is not true. She’s from here and has been in business for nearly 20 years here… oh yea and SHE LIVES IN SLO. Go ahead, ask our mayor what city she lived in for most of 2020. smh. Carpet bagger? So misguided. Remember that one popular NY Senator, can’t remember there name, but she never lived in NY, like ever… remember her? That’s a carpet bagger. Cherisse’s momentum is making some people unhinged and just looney. Kinda hilarious. Kinda alarming. It’s working though. Vote. Vote. Vote.

I see what you’re saying. Isn’t she in Avila? I have no problem with that. If it were AG or north of the Grade, then no. A few miles and a business owner, though…I get what you’re saying, but she’s more ingrained in the community than many that have lived here their whole lives.

Her home is in Shell Beach (which I think she is in the process of remodeling). I get that she has a business in San Luis but kind of see hospital guy’s point.

Maybe you don’t remember former mayor Allen Settle, who claimed to be registered at 1244 Drake Circle but was living in south county.

The rule is, you live in SLO 30 days. She met the qualification. Get over it.

Your point? Kelly Evans, the Democratic endorsed candidate for SLO city council also recently moved to SLO to run for office and has practically zero experience living in this county.

Even more strange, Evans bizarrely appeared as a public speaker 35 minutes into the March 17, 2020 SLO city council meeting under the pseudonym “Kelly Green”. (Check the video of the meeting on the SLO city website.) Why she felt the need to speak under a fake name is anyone’s guess but sometime afterwards she cut her hair short, dyed it blonde and in a bold move of self-serving cultural appropriation anointed herself the first “Queer candidate” for city council, even though she admits to being in a long-term committed heterosexual relationship.

If that isn’t misrepresenting who you are in an attempt to get votes, I don’t know what is. Did the Democrats vet her at all before they decided to give her their endorsement?

The answer to vetting is no. They are all shallow thinkers, that will do anything for control of the people to promote their agenda.


Very nice endorsement!

It’s simple, if you like the status quo, the alienation, name calling, histrionics, narrow representation and civic policy embarassment, then vote to keep Harmon and Pease in place. If you want change, we have good choices this time. Sweeney. All the way.

The real deal! Unifying our community! Working with agencies! I can’t wait for these very good and very specific and not at all meaningless words to be enacted through city policies. I love being non-partisan because it means we don’t have to talk about what we’re going to do.