Motions for dismissal and gag order continued in Tianna Arata case

October 22, 2020


While supporters of four Black Lives Matter protesters chanted for the judge to dismiss their cases, San Luis Obispo County Court Judge Mathew Guerrero continued the hearing on a motion to dismiss and a motion for a gag order because of issues with the filings.

Both the CHP and the California Attorney General questioned the timeliness of a motion for a gag order to bar CHP and SLO police personnel from discussing the case. In addition, Tianna Arrata’s attorney Patrick Fisher’s motion to dismiss the case was not properly served on the CHP or the city.

After the four plaintiffs agreed to wave time for a speedy trial, Guerrero set a continuation of the hearing for Dec. 3.

Arata is currently facing 13 misdemeanor charges for her actions on July 21, when she allegedly led approximately 300 protesters onto Highway 101, blocking all lanes in both directions for nearly an hour. Arata is facing one count of unlawful assembly, one count of disturbing the peace, six counts of obstruction of a thoroughfare and five counts of false imprisonment.

Last week, prosecutors filed four misdemeanor charges against Marcus Montgomery, 24, including false imprisonment, obstructing the free movement of any person in a public place, and resisting or delaying a police officer. Also, Joshua Powell, 23, is charged with obstructing or delaying an officer and Amman Asfaw, 22, is charged with false imprisonment.

Guerrero said that even though he is being transferred to family court in January, he will stay with the case.

Leslie Carrwell still protesting at 76-years-old

Outside, protesters morphed from asking the judge to dismiss charges and the district attorney to dismiss the case, to promoting SLO Mayor Heidi Harmon’s reelection while criticizing her opponent and District Attorney Dan Dow.

Several speakers, including Rita Casaverde, the chair of the SLO County Democratic Party Central Committee, cursed as they asked the protesters to vote against local Republicans.

Casaverde referred to Dow as “b***h ass prima dona,” while another speaker mentioned Dow’s genitalia.

“This system is already f**ked up enough as it is, the unnamed male speaker said. “We don’t need someone to come along and stick his little dick in it, and bust a nut, and try to make it work.”

Shortly afterwards, a speaker sang a rap song while some of the protesters began dancing.

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Those SLO Dem ladies, with mouths like sailors, are a class act. Equality of scatology!

Apparently in Wisconsin, at least, extortion is still a crime:

Now, how about Cal Poly’s so-called “quarterback”? And any and all of the others who attempted to extort downtown SLO merchants this past Summer?

Do we still have legal law enforcement in our County, or is that all now just ancient history?

Whoa, would you consider bringing your kids to an “R” rated gathering child abuse?

Which protester here is a home owner or income tax payer? How many there are not either skipping school or on the dole?

But I absoluetly agree, this protest has nothing to do with BLM and the fight against racism.

stay classy San Luis Obispo :)

I feel sorry for these people going through life so angry and bitter. That’s not a good way to live and obviously will never get you anywhere but more angry and bitter. We live in the greatest country in the world. With every opportunity within our reach, all of us. Life would be so much better for them if they were not so absorbed in hate all of the time.

Yes. I can’t imagine being so angry all the time.

I want law and order, and justice. Kicking an officer in the groin, throwing a skate board through a window and holding people against their will are crimes. Prosecution will help bring a stop to these behaviors. Not hang them high, but convictions.

The other issue is the officers who often lie in court and the district attorneys who support the lies under the pretense of law and order. The judges, most were district attorneys, then look the other way. This is a failure of law and order, and this is not justice. Our community is small and many of us know an attorney or someone in law enforcement who is upset about the failure to prosecute lying police officers.

While we need justice on the highway and protection of our civil rights, we also need justice in the courtroom.

The other issue is the officers who often lie in court

Has local LE lied about Arrata or anyone related?

I would assume not, because they watched her video that she posted of herself.

I heard Tiana moved to Long Beach . So dedicated to truth and justice on the Central Coast , eh?

So for SLO, one criminal moves south and another criminal, Chief Cantrell moved north. I guess that is one way to clean out the criminals, have them move away one by one.

Wow, the Left always amazes me with their eloquent and classy speaking! I was also wondering about the guy who kicked the officer in the crotch, why no assault charges for that?

Elias Bautista was charged with a felony.

“Its because I’m black.” “It’s because those new charges are racist, since they’re black!” They’ve got all of them on video, they were caught. Apparently, she’s been taught her entire knife, that if you cry “It’s because I’m black,” many people will get scared and don’t want to be called a racist, whether they are or they are not. Shea gotten away with this crap for her entire life, I truly hope Dan Dow keeps up the pressure. Maybe they should bill BLM for all the destroyed businesses done by their “Peaceful Protesters.” They are here to create problems where there are not any problems. All for the false premise that cops kill black people and time they want. And many people are just eating that up.