Cunningham attends conference in Hawaii, undeterred by travel advisory

November 18, 2020

Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham


Central Coast Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham is one of four California lawmakers in attendance this week at a conference in Hawaii, just days after Gov. Gavin Newsom issued an advisory not to travel out of state.

Newsom’s travel advisory, issued late last week, also calls for anyone arriving in California from other states or countries to self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.

Currently, Cunningham is attending an annual gathering of lobbyists and lawmakers held in Maui by the Independent Voter Project. The four-day legislative conference is taking place at the Fairmont Kea Lani resort.

Politico reports Assemblyman Chad Mayes (I-Yucca Valley) and assemblywomen Wendy Carrillo (D-Boyle Heights) and Blanca Rubio (D-Baldwin Park) are also in attendance. Several lawmakers from Texas and Washington state, too, are said to be attending.

One of Cunningham’s campaign finance filings states the assemblyman spent $306 on a roundtrip Southwest Airlines flight to Hawaii.

Cunningham issued a statement confirming he and his family are currently in Hawaii. The assemblyman says he tested negative for coronavirus prior to departing, followed all public health and safety protocols and did not use any state funds for his trip.

“Yes, my family and I are in Hawaii for an annual, bipartisan policy conference. This event promotes intelligent public policy in our state. In fact, we are here discussing ways we can safely reopen our society and save our small businesses, workers and kids,” Cunningham said in the statement. “I have been saying since April that Gov. Newsom’s lockdown policies are draconian and unscientific. Fortunately, he has stopped short of unconstitutionally attempting to stop interstate travel, close the airports or make vacations or Thanksgiving illegal.”

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306 bucks…Mr. Cunningham’s real mistake was not using frequent flier miles. I used SW bonus points to fly to Hawaii last year for like 20,000 points, and I’ll do so again once the pandemic flares down. For those that don’t know, SW offers pretty good credit cards with bonus points—believe it is 40,000 now. Check out for all the different card options.

Legislators in California went there and used all the precautions that anyone else would have to abide by. Hawaii has the lowest case rate in the country and California is in the Top 10 for least amount of cases. This story is about nothing.

So what? Enjoy yourself Mr. Assemblyman. Hopefully, you will glean a positive policy initiative from other lawmakers which will help your constituency.

So what? Let them eat cake says Jordan, making 6 figures of my dollars working PART TIME with his kids in Hawaii at a lobbying BS conference risking our Azz here. So what, No, Tell him to stay there with the other Howlies in Hawaii friggin tourist, poor Hawaii.

You actually can judge people by their appearance. Jordan Cunningham looks and acts like a slimy politician.

Why do we always jump to the most negative conclusions about duly elected officials? Democracy is based on a covenant between the people and those who represent them. If we ignore those norms and constantly call into question democracy itself, we will most certainly fall under the spell of authoritarianism and a tyranny of the minority.

Can you catch COVID through a snorkel?

Or through a tin foil Hat and conspiracy theories?

Maybe with a banana hammock.

If you’re going to ignore all the restrictions the common folk are supposed to adhere to you have to ask yourself, do these geniuses not realize many businesses in our very own state would have benefited from hosting this conference in California?

Talk about tone deaf!

I’d much rather have politicians traveling for conferences than traveling from state to state having useless super-spreader political rallies where no health protocols are followed. Rallies and other campaign events do NOTHING to help the taxpayers that these politicians are supposed to serve, and yes I blame BOTH political parties for having them.

Currently the public has to participate per Zoom meetings and certainly much if not all staff could be covered in Zoom meetings, previously know as “teleconferencing” but who would want the job if there were no boondoggle meetings in great places to attend. Like ya, I want to stare at a screen while standing at the podium to address my constituents or likewise for every other meeting. Yes, most governance would be volunteer and for 2 years max.

The only part about this that bothers me is the presence of all the lobbyists.This could have easily been done by Zoom and had the critical information shared.

This county has a supervisor who lobbied him into office and now wants to increase campaign contributions by an astronomical amount. Conflict of interest John Peschong, or just a jerk. And Cunnigham has a crazy history for being a defense attourney for scumbag criminals.

Oh, maybe I should shame him for being a selfish prick in this moment vs the past as a Slime Ball Defense Attourney for local Cocaine Dealers like Dane Bennet instead and risking our community with Covid. Hey Jordan, F*ck you, your as bad as Pelosi in China town, Trump the super spreader, and Newsome with his parties. F*ck you Jordan, nice way to politicians explain why you’re a jerk.

Kevin, chill. You need a vacation to Hawaii!