Curfew or not, fall has arrived in SLO County

November 20, 2020


With frost on the leaves, turkeys scavenge for acorns oblivious to the impending Thanksgiving feast. On a drive through San Luis Obispo County, photographer Richard Bastian snapped pictures that remind us of the beauty during these troubling times.

Turkeys escaping before Thanksgiving


A white barn off Vineyard Drive in Templeton

Turkeys congregate in Atascadero

A vineyard in rural Templeton

A bridge leads to wine tasting at Halter Ranch

A lone tree in North County


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Wow! The Bastian eye! Welcome fall.


Was kind of you, much appreciated

Outstanding photos. Are you using an SLR or just a very good phone camera? I’ve been amazed at what my iPhone 11 is capable of. The photo of the turkeys does great justice to their colors. When you actually see them up close, their colors tend to be muted.

Adam, thank you for your kind words,

About camera usage, I shoot with a

Nikon D-300 70-200F:2.8 Lens mostly, and 300 F:3.5

And yes my Apple 11 which I agree produces great quality images, I’v tried using the zoom and find it to be worthless., I’m waiting when they come out with a telephoto optic,

If NASA can produce the images they do, what’s holding Apple back, they would capture the camera market, begs the question ;

Did Apple make an agreement with major Brand manufactures not to go that far, knowing they would kill the 35 format that Nikon Canon and others, see what Digital did to film, a format I loved.

See what’s happening to gas driven cars, won’t be long electric automobiles will have replaced them.

It’s called progress, in exchange for what?

Very nice photos, thanks!

Appreciate your comment, thank you


No; Thank you for saying so.

Iv had people ask;

“ what makes for a good picture?”

It’s all in the eye of the beholder, but I would say when your urged to give something a second look when out and about, take time hitting the pause button and do so, look for different perspectives, might surprise yourself what you find.

Pictures Say It.