Man seriously injured in stabbing in San Luis Obispo

November 8, 2020

Workers in hazmat gear cleaning up blood at the bus stop


A stabbing Saturday afternoon at a bus stop in San Luis Obispo left one man hospitalized and another in jail on an attempted murder charge. Both men live in SLO.

Israel Velasques

During an altercation between Israel Velasques, 28, and Jeremy Lewis, 46, near the corner of Broad Street and Capitolio Way, Velasques stabbed Lewis. The victim lost a significant amount of blood before emergency personnel transported him to a hospital.

Lewis is expected to survive.

Officers arrested Israel Velasques on a charge of attempted murder and booked him into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on a no-bail hold.

Police are asking anyone with information about this incident to call San Luis Obispo Investigator Miguel Lozano at (805) 594‐8011.

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I pass by this bus stop often and there was always a middle aged homeless guy who basically lived in the bus stop with his shopping cart full of stuff. I assume that bus stop guy was Lewis. I was surprised he was able to hang out there constantly, but I guess he kept to himself and didn’t cause problems, until this punk Velasques decided to try to oust him and claim the bus stop as his own.

According to his facebook video he likes to chill in SLO.

Wow, I clicked on the link. What a charming young man.

Surprise, surprise… his facebook is full of talk about smoking pot all day. Another poster child for the legalization movement. “From Paso Robles, California” please go back to Paso and stay out of SLO city.

So very awful, as we have NO Chief of Police, the SLOPD is like a ship adrift without a Captain, crime is up, protesters are doing what ever they want, auto burglaries up, home break-in’s Up, assaults are Up, Sexual Assaults, are Up every crime is up in SLO.

No leadership in the Police Dept.

Heidi won. Get used to it.

This really makes me want to ride the bus – not!