Newsom appoints Dawn Ortiz-Legg to succeed Adam Hill

November 20, 2020

Dawn Ortiz-Legg


Governor Gavin Newsom appointed San Luis Obispo County Planning Commissioner Dawn Ortiz-Legg to fill the vacant District 3 seat on the SLO County Board of Supervisors.

Ortiz-Legg will succeed Adam Hill, who committed suicide on Aug. 6 amid an FBI investigation. Ortiz-Legg was a close personal friend of Hill’s and his appointment to the Planning Commission.

Ortiz-Legg is expected to join Supervisors Bruce Gibson as a liberal-leaning minority on the Board of Supervisors.

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Contrary to all of the dung slinging going on here, I think Dawn will make a great supervisor. I lean towards the conservative side of the isle, but getting to know Dawn and see her work ethic and her genuine care for others, what more could we want for an interim candidate? Her record will dictate whether she is elected to this position in the future, if she chooses to run. I say, rather than bad mouth someone you don’t know, let’s give her a chance to earn our vote…or our vote for the other candidate.

One Scumbag Political hack replaces a full blown Democrat Criminal that is supported by The Emperor Newsom,

What can go bad for SLO County?

God has truly turned his back on the good People of this County.!

I will, stand on the side of LEO,

They better start finding some Criminal confessions one way or another.