Newsom appoints Dawn Ortiz-Legg to succeed Adam Hill

November 20, 2020

Dawn Ortiz-Legg


Governor Gavin Newsom appointed San Luis Obispo County Planning Commissioner Dawn Ortiz-Legg to fill the vacant District 3 seat on the SLO County Board of Supervisors.

Ortiz-Legg will succeed Adam Hill, who committed suicide on Aug. 6 amid an FBI investigation. Ortiz-Legg was a close personal friend of Hill’s and his appointment to the Planning Commission.

Ortiz-Legg is expected to join Supervisors Bruce Gibson as a liberal-leaning minority on the Board of Supervisors.


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Jon Tatro

One scumbag replacing a dead scumbag, I’m sure the political bribes are already flowing in.


Spot on Mr. Tatro.

A governor who preaches “do as I say, not as I do” appoints a political ideologue who couldn’t get elected to statewide office (because she is so far out of the mainstream) to replace a corrupt politician who was in the process of being indicted when he OD’ed on cocaine and psyche meds. We will see if she can hold onto her seat in two years or if she will go the way of Caren Ray.


Ortiz-Legg has never had a real job. She ran a campaign for assembly featuring a hard hat representing her role a as PR person for a subsidized solar project, and then, like criminals Jeff Lee and John Shoals, slops at the utility rate payer trough extorting high-paying PG&E PR jobs.


Ortiz-Legg was dating Adam Hill when she was hired for the solar plant job she was not qualified for while Hill was promoting the solar plant. Hill then made Ortiz-Legg, his friend with benefits, his planning commissioner. And now the governor makes her supervisor. She is like a female Adam Hill.


Thank you. Very succinct.


Very poor choice.

I would really liked to have seen Stacy Korsgaden appointed to that spot, but what would you expect out of the idiot we have for a governor.


Big mistake. This county does not need a female Hill.


This is a win… she was trounced by Jordan Cunningham in a failed Assembly bid, Code Pink extremist, saying some horrible things about our country, Progressive Extremist who was bought by PG&E to dialogue with the other extremists. She will represent our bast chance to recover the District 3 seat. Someone in Sacramento did not do their homework when examining this. Thank you Gov. French Laundry…cant wait for her election.

Adam Trask

Looks like a good selection. Ortiz-Legg has both public, on the County Planning Commission, and private, as a liaison for PG&E, experience. The fact that she is a “close personal friend” of Hill appears to be an editorial comment meant to besmirch her reputation by association.


Not sure being involved with PG&E is a positive thing.

George Garrigues

Hm. “Close friend” would be enough. Or “friend since high school days.” Or whatever. It’s quite a leap to suggest that this report “appears to be an editorial comment meant to besmirch her reputation by association.” I’m not sure how the writer would reach that conclusion. If she had been a friend, I suppose a good reporter would mention it, but, yes, I’d like more info, which perhaps will be forthcoming. Best wishes.


Ok, my head just blew a gasket. People, you will now learn what governance with half a brain looks like. What a travesty. This lady makes Heidi Harmon look like a genius. Oh my.


Its all about perspective I guess….. My stupid brain first reaction was Dawn is Wonder woman compared to Mr. Hill.


Not a surprise. What a sad and incompetent appointment by Newsom. Nothing good could come from someone who is a professing “close personal friend of Adam Hill” and his pick to the county Planning Commission. What did she know about his harassment of his aide, and his connection and corruption with the pot moguls. Is Dawn also in their pocket? Probably.

Speak Truth to Power

She can’t win an election, so she gets to rule over the people by appointment.

Will the People accept someone this out of touch with the community? Will the power of Incumbency secure her seat in the Ruling Class?


Isn’t that the truth? Good grief…

Run for office and LOSE. Then get appointed due to partisan affiliation, ignoring the voters’ voices. Spend 90% of your appointed term preparing to be elected. Given your high visibility due to being in office (and your party’s deep pockets) you squeak out a victory.

Then you’re golden.

Stay in as long as you want. Become a Feinstein or Pelosi if you so wish.

Scary and damned sad.