SLO police searching for a woman, stolen gun

November 17, 2020


San Luis Obispo police are searching for a woman who may have a stolen firearm, according to a Facebook post.

The grey haired woman was last seen at Starbucks on Broad Street on Monday at 2 p.m. Investigators are asking for the public’s help in identifying the woman.

Police are asking anyone who recognizes the woman to call the police department at (805) 781-7312.

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So the next question is who did she steal the gun from? Why wasn’t the gun secured in accordance with common sense and state law? And for starters are the police going to cite the person who allowed their unscecured gun to be stolen unless of course it was strong armed robbery by the woman. An man was killed last summer by a stolen unsecured gun and as far as I know nothing was done about it.

You can tell by the comments, how much Cantrell has undermined the trust in law enforcement here locally:(


Has Chief Cantrell come back in a role reversal, instead of losing guns now stealing them?

Here we go again… “stolen firearm?”

This term was used the last time SLOPD had an officer leave their gun in the bathroom. It’s probably another one of their officers or one of their retired officers, hence the need to shift blame away from the person who left their gun and shift it to the person who found it.

She’d be a lot easier to identify if the government hadn’t mandated her to cover up her face –

Darn, this one didn’t wind up with as much intrigue as I was hoping. It seemed like there might be another potential lost gun picked up in a public place. I doubt they’d handle like last time though with their fake “transparency” lol.

Did a police officer leave their gun in the bathroom of Starbucks?