Cal Poly graduate accused of sexual misconduct

December 3, 2020

Jon Monett has a cameo part on the “The Good Shepherd”

Multiple allegations of sexual misconduct made against Jon Monett, a Cal Poly San Luis Obispo grad who went on to a prestigious career with the CIA, could derail a nonprofit he founded. [LA Times]

In 2009, Monett launched “Quality of Life Plus” at Cal Poly, a nonprofit that connects engineering students with injured veterans to develop unique solutions and build assistive devices. Since then, the nonprofit has expanded to 19 universities nationwide.

After learning of allegations of sexual misconduct against Monett, Cal Poly quietly cut ties with the nonprofit, though a lab on campus still bears the nonprofit’s logo and name.

The LA Times reviewed emails that detail at least two alleged instances of sexual misconduct by Monett in 2017, involving a former employee of the nonprofit and an unidentified woman at Cal Poly. In one case, Monett tried to force his tongue into a woman’s mouth at an after-hours event.

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This reminds me about how the film “Casablanca” would end it were made today. [Spoiler Alert!] As the Prefect of Police, Louis Renault (Claude Rains) and Rick (Humphrey Bogart) walk away arm in arm into the night planning to join the Free French, instead of Rick saying “Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”, the line would be more like, “Louis, it may be nice that you finally decided to join the Allies, but your past misconduct towards women means that there is no place for you, either in the war or in the world generally.”

Which fraternity did he belong to while at Poly? Typical behavior

Another one of Cal Poly’s finest. CIA huh? Sounds like he lacks the same character, integrity and honesty as John Brennan(former Director of CIA) and James Clapper. He’ll probably “deep state” his way out of the allegations just as they have.

I thought people were supposed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Yes, but in me-too-time, it’s now guilty if so alleged, no appeal rights, screw your career or non-profit.


Good point.

In fact, a star athlete can engage in obvious criminal acts like stopping traffic on a major highway, harassing a pregnant woman trying to get to the hospital, disrupt downtown patrons of restaurants with vile verbal assaults and shake down businesses in the downtown for donations with an obvious subtext that bad things might happen if the don’t fork over the dough…. you get it.

But these are OK because they are for “social justice “ yet the university appears to have dropped any association with this gentleman like a hot potatoe when there APPARENTLY ( we don’t know from the article) has not been a trial or investigation of any public note.

Cal Poly is so infected with the disease of hypocrisy, wokeness , and political correctness that I fear it will come to bite them down the road and be damaging to their credibility.

Not saying the man is innocent, just wondering if there is a universal standard by the university for behavior and justice.