CHP identifies Paso Robles woman killed in crash near Buellton

December 22, 2020


The California Highway Patrol has identified Nicole Grantham, 31, of Paso Robles as the motorcyclist who died after colliding with a vehicle on Highway 101 near Buellton on Saturday.

Shortly before noon, Grantham was riding a 2017 Harley Davidson northbound on Highway 101 south of Jonata Park Road while Leslie Leaney, 73, of Santa Maria was driving a Volkswagen eastbound on Jonata Park Road, where it intersects with the highway.

Leaney crossed southbound traffic and stopped within the center median prior to entering northbound Highway 101. Leaney then turned onto the highway and crossed from lane one to lane two, directly in Grantham’s path. Grantham’s motorcycle hit the rear of the Volkswagen.

Following the collision, Grantham was airlifted in critical condition to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. Grantham died of her injuries at the hospital.

Investigators say alcohol was not a factor in the collision. An investigation into the crash is ongoing.

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IMHO,there has been way too many Vehicles pulling out in front of Motorcycles resulting in Death of Riders and/or Passengers without charges being filed.

I have called the DAs office several times to inquire whether or not the Driver would be charged with Manslaughter because that’s what it is!

Every Driver knows that there is a lot of Motorcycles on the road,and yet they use the Flimsy excuse, I didn’t see the Biker!


If you cause the death of a person with a gun,

Or knock someone out or Drive while intoxicated in a car or Boat, you are Charged with Manslaughter. Period.

Let’s finally build off this incredible woman to remember her in a new law,

Kill a Biker,Go to Jail!!!!!

You got this Jordan Cunningham?

My feelings about this started over a kid named Jordan.

There’s been 5 or 6 more since his Death from somebody pulling out in front of a Biker.

Thats just in this County.

No Mark. It’s so many idiots in cars that don’t pay attention to their driving and run into motorcycles that causes so many deaths.

So many motorcycle deaths. I hope people rethink driving them.

Motorcycles are dangerous by nature, very little protection between you and the road or another vehicle. If motorcyclist would slow down a bit it would give people a chance to see you. Too many bikers riding too fast ends in tragedy.

Why would you assume speed was a factor? I have had brothers had same thing happen and going no more then 3-5mph over speed limit, in this situation as many others it was the driver’s error of not being aware and looking twice for traffic weather a car or bike, nothing stated about excess speed for one, for two: The relatively newer Harleys are factory equipped with ABS which these bikes stop faster then cars, three: she has very strong bike skills and respects the risks as a mother and she is and always will be a well respected rider in our community, four: assumptions are dangerous, yes most all of us recognize the danger that comes with riding but what others don’t realize is the feeling one receives riding any motorcycle, the feeling of living in the moment, the freedom and friends you make on the journeys. Both you two (Mark & Freethebud) have your hearts in wrong place. This was a very tragic death which is and will affect many for the rest of their lives, as a rider we accept the risks and choose to ride as unless you are passionate about riding you would not understand, we also support each others families of fallen brothers and sisters, you two would be surprised the support that occurs even from total strangers in our community. I do not understand how people can judge when first reaction should be prayer or if not a believer send loving thoughts to ones affected, both of you are not making this community a better place yet either placing blame or discouragement about an incident you know very little about. But thank you for stating the obvious that motorcycles are fast and dangerous and its best to live a life not doing what we love and with ones we love, the beautiful thing about the motorcycle community is the comradery and the support that is shown in events such as this. My prayers are over her children, parents and ones who loved her. There is no need for your remarks, if you call the Central Coast your home then help make it a better place by supporting even strangers, respecting ones who choose activities that have a level of risk by your remarks, do not say negative remarks about one loosing their life doing what they love and what millions of us love and us locals are blessed to ride year round in a place of such beauty. Be part of the solution not the problem in a time of division and judgment as last thing we need is finger pointing and lame remarks during this season. My prayers are also with the driver as I am sure she is feeling a heavy weight of making a mistake I am guilty of at times by not looking twice and gathering information of road conditions. Ms. Grantham you will be missed, you entered the community underestimated as female on a well built Harley and you had great skills and respect for others and did a great job becoming a responsible rider, motivated other females to follow their passion and humbled many men including me in your ability. My God not only meet your families needs but exceed their needs and may they feel your presence during this time.

This community would be a much better place if ones had some grace and limit their comments of negativity as you don’t know how their family would feel to read such comments, if you understood just a tiny piece of the feeling of riding and see the community you would not comment to discourage ones to ride yet encourage people to truly live and feed their soul with what brings them joy from Motorcycles to rollerblading, whatever adds to your life go do it, be responsible and love living even if the cost could result in death as could with just about anything these days. Life is short and is not easy, blessed are those that find an activity that bring them joy and allow yourself to be the moment of this life. Of course you have the right to post what you please as that freedom was fought not bought but of course when commenting in situation with great sensitivity it will strike a cord. So I choose to defend wonderful woman and the ones she left behind along with the riding community that has given me and my family so much. RIP Nic, may your boys live a life of adventure and happiness and you will not be forgotten.

Very sad.