Gov. Gavin Newsom back in quarantine

December 21, 2020

Gov. Gavin Newsom


For the second time in less than a month, California Gov. Gavin Newsom is in quarantine, despite having tested negative for coronavirus.

The governor’s office released a statement on Sunday saying Newsom would enter a 10-day quarantine after a staff member with whom he came in contact tested positive for the virus. Newsom will continue to be tested over the next few days.

Other staff members also came in contact with the employee and have since tested negative for the virus. They will enter 10-day quarantines and undergo testing over the coming days, as well.

Around Nov. 21, Newsom, his wife and three of their children entered a 14-day quarantine after being exposed to a CHP officer who tested positive for coronavirus. Newsom’s entire family tested negative for the virus at the time.

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He had 9 months to plan for the ER surge in Los Angeles County, and failed. Hospitals turning away ambulances.

Another Newsom failure.

Trump and moscow mitch had at least a year to plan and help Americans and intentionally screwed it up. Thanks to the worthless gop and the covidiots the cases are surging everywhere but lets hate on Gavin whos trying to close the barn doors the gop opened.

The gop and all of the trump voters are untrustworthy poptarts.

He can quarantine and stay home for the next two years for as far as I’m concerned. Hopefully he’ll be recalled and we can be done with this foolish goon.

Don’t worry the foolish gop goons are infecting themselves, evolution in action.

At least he is (finally) doing the responsible thing and following the guidelines he set out for others, which is more than we can say for 90% of the other politicians out there.

When I was in the Army (way back during Vietnam) Officers ate last. It was our charge to watch out for the troops before ourselves. Today, our elite elected officials stand in line first to get the Cobid Vaccine even if they are of an age category that does not put them at serious risk. Leadership is dead.

The elected officials should take the COVID vaccine first. The vaccine has not had enough time to have been appropriately tested. That’s what I call leadership!

Quarantine or in hiding?…the lawsuits are flying at him left and right….

With the ‘stay at home’ order I am sure this quarantine won’t be much of a change.

You forget Newsome doesn’t feel his orders for us apply to him or his friends or businesses he is involved with. He probably is still attending last minute Christmas parties just trying to make sure he isn’t caught again. Plus his “quarantine” in a mansion with a full staff of servants is a lot different than ours.