More than 4,000 Cal Poly students moving back to the campus

December 18, 2020

Despite requests from Cal Poly faculty and staff to have students learn remotely until the current outbreak of coronavirus is under control, university administrators are moving approximately 4,500 students into campus housing during the first week of January.

Since July 8, 241 students residing on campus and 514 students living off campus tested positive for the virus through Campus Health and Wellbeing. Shortly after multiple students gathered at Halloween parties, cases in San Luis Obispo and Cal Poly surged, throwing the county back into the more restrictive purple tier.

Even so, campus administrators argue that university staff can better regulate student behavior by having students return to campus. The administration has set stricter standards including requiring coronavirus testing twice a week for all students, including those attending school remotely.

“Given that cases increased dramatically in November…, any student who fails to test at the prescribed frequency is a potential detriment to the public health of our campus, city and county,” Armstrong wrote in a campus-wide email.

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So SLO has had 1884+ total cases, CP students off campus 514. CP students living off campus usually total about 15,000 students, most live in SLO. That leaves about 32,000 residents who are not CP students. CP students have a positivity rate of .034, the rest of the city .059. So you blame the CP students?!? CP students left campus around November 20. SLO numbers soared after that. Not saying CP students aren’t typical of people that age, but honestly, they appear to be a smaller part of the problem than you think. Without CP many of SLO’s industries hurt including hotels, restaurants, etc. The majority of students will be locked down just like other residents. 90% of the classes are virtual, few will be going to classes.

Only takes a couple, and yes blame them for messing up our businesses, etc. Dingo kids

Here come the party-hearty vectors.

Gotta protect their revenue stream. Very self serving when the rest of us are locked down and can’t work.

Requiring tests twice per week for those attending remotely. You don’t have that authority, son.

Yeah, it seems bizarre that they could mandate that for people attending remotely. They should offer not having to get tested as a benefit for staying the f off campus.

President Armstrong is a complete idiot. It’s obvious he and ones that pull the strings are more interested with income for the hapless university than the health of the students or local communities who could be impacted with further spread of the China virus. Just another reason to stop any support for this failing university by all. His greed is what drives him. Shame on him. What a fool.

Me thinks Poly and the Republican zealots are leaving us older folks to die

Maybe you should rethink your thought. Just be happy you don’t live in New York or New Jersey because that might have been the case with those twin clown’s called governor’s.

I’m sorry, the current Trumpian version of the GOP disgusts me, no heart , no soul, no legality, no responsibility blames states with crowded cities for Trump’s incompetence. Y’all are full of it.