Atascadero yard sign accuses police officers of racism

January 15, 2021

After the residents of a home in Atascadero placed a sign in their yard accusing police officers of racism, Police Chief Bob Masterson responded with a statement on Facebook. The sign depicts an officer in his uniform during the day, donning a KKK robe at night.

Statement from Chief Bob Masterson

“It is my firm belief that everyone has the freedom of speech as governed by the constitution and laws of California. Yesterday was the first I heard of the sign and my first reaction was to reach out to those residents in an effort to start a conversation with the people who live there. I want to understand their opinions and whether they feel it is reflective of our local Atascadero Police Department.

“After careful consideration, I decided I would not want my actions to be perceived as interference with their freedom of speech. I would hope that the person who posted the sign would reach out to me so we may have this conversation.

“I am a new Chief to Atascadero and do not believe our officers have any prejudicial views, but if there are, I would most certainly like to have that knowledge, so I may address it. I am a firm believer that all of us in society have some biases, but that it is important that we acknowledge those biases and engage in meaningful conversation with people to both acknowledge those biases and resolve them in a helpful way.”

The police department is encouraging residents to reach out to Chief Masterson at (805) 461-5051 to discuss their concerns.

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possible poly sci discussion prompt if in classroom setting???

jus ideas

possible metaphor if not taken literal???

possible metaphor if not taken literally???

Sad. Just plain sad.

I don’t think the Chief should have even dignified that with a response to a political stunt taunting him without even any allegation.

More shaming of white people .. Switch the signs to “Blue by day Black by night ” ..There would all kinds of crazy stuff going on …I don’t feel ashamed to be white and I never will no matter what is printed ,posted or aired on Tv or Radio

If my neighbor can still fly a Trump MAGA flag every day and a Thin Blue Line flag (like the one that was used by rioters at the nation’s capitol to beat a police officer—go figure) then these people have a perfect right to display these signs.

Who said they didn’t have the right? They have the right to show poor judgement and bigotry if they want.

Hm, did the police ever support the KKK say, 40 years ago, YUP

The KKK was founded by liberal democrats, do a little research into the atrocities your political affiliation has committed rise.

Rest home resident elect a Biden opposed school bussing. He literally thought Obama was the first clean articulate black person to run for office.