Cal Poly eases student coronavirus testing requirements

January 3, 2021

President Jeffrey Armstrong

Amid backlash from students and parents, Cal Poly reduced its testing requirements, including no longer requiring all students to test twice weekly.

After campus administrators announced a requirement that all students test twice weekly regardless if they are taking in-person classes or living in the area, some students and parents complained that the frequent testing could unnecessarily expose those who plan to stay home. At the same time, a group of teachers argued that the campus should only offer online classes amid the pandemic.

Even so, campus administrators elected to continue hands-on learning. Over the next two weeks, approximately 4,500 students are slated to move into campus housing.

On Jan. 2, Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong amended his COVID-19 presidential order to no longer require out-of-area students and some local students to test twice weekly.

Students required to test twice weekly:

  • Lives in university housing
  • Is enrolled in face-to-face courses
  • Works on campus
  • Participates in research on campus
  • Uses any on-campus service (except the Health Center)
  • Lives in the same household or congregate living facility (meaning a house, apartment or housing facility with two or more students, such as a dormitory or fraternity/sorority house) with a Cal Poly student who meets any of the previous criteria.

Students who do not comply with Armstrong’s order face potential sanctions such as loss of access to campus services including their campus email accounts, and even expulsion.

Students exempt from testing:

  • A student who has a documented condition that makes participating in testing not possible or contrary to medical recommendations. Documentation regarding the condition must be on file with the Disability Resource Center.
  • A student who has tested positive for the Coronavirus within the last 90 days, as certified by Campus Health and Wellbeing.

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The ridiculous part of this plan is that while on-campus students have to test twice weekly, on-campus faculty and staff have NO requirement for regular testing! So the individuals on campus who have the most frequent interactions with both large groups and individuals and who are usually lecturing (aka vigorously exhaling) at them are exempt from testing, but the paying customers who are usually just sitting and listening have to test?

That makes no sense, but in typical Cal Poly fashion, they treat the students like cattle with no regard to the fact that they are the paying customer here.

1.) Students don’t belong to unions. Consider for example the absurdity of “faulty/staff only” parking spaces in this day and age.

2.) Armstrong lacks courage.

He’s doing a great job. He is trying hard to protect the students and our community. We should be supporting him, not condemning him. Everyday the news gets worse and worse with the cases surging.

We need to lockdown ASAP.

I wonder if Cal Poly applied and was granted COVID relief money?

Armstrong is a typical out of touch academic turned bureaucrat. To him Cal Poly is a business enterprise and having butts in chairs translates to more dollars for the school (tuition, housing, meals, medical service fees). Armstrong is out of touch with his staff to the point that he makes the previous president, Warren Baker, look like “a man of the people”.

Once again this over payed and over compensated hack, shows he is cowardly, and lacks leadership.

B I N G O ! ! !

This Armstrong guy is a full on joke. Clarabelle could do a better job.