San Luis Obispo County exceeds 11,000 confirmed coronavirus cases

January 2, 2021

Labs in San Luis Obispo County reported 314 new coronavirus cases on Jan. 1, bringing the county’s total to 11,160 since the beginning of the pandemic, according to data the California Department of Public Health released Saturday afternoon. The State of California’s website provides more current data than both SLO and Santa Barbara counties, which lag behind.

In SLO County there have been 82 confirmed deaths. Of those, 15 people died of the virus in the past seven days.

There are currently 60 people in the hospital, with 13 in the intensive care unit, in SLO County.

Santa Barbara County labs reported 324 cases on Jan. 1, for a total of 17,759 confirmed coronavirus cases and 160 deaths. Of those, nine people died of the virus in the past seven days.

There are currently 135 people in the hospital, with 34 in the intensive care unit, in Santa Barbara County.

As of Saturday afternoon, there have been 2,345,909 positive cases, and 26,357 deaths in California.

More than 20,904,701 U.S. residents have tested positive for the virus, and 358,682 have died.

In addition, the number of people infected with the virus worldwide continues to increase: 84,982,875 cases with 1,843,556 dead.

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I am so disgusted and tired of the politicizing of this virus! The numbers show that most of the “ positive “ tests are just that! People are getting the virus! End of story. Happens every year! My condolences to those who have lost loved ones. With that said, I really wish our supposed health officials would quit fear mongering reports and tell the truth! I have talked to families with loved ones on the verge of leaving this earth who were asked if the death certificate could say COVID-19 as the COD just to add to the numbers. Shame on you liars! If the positive numbers , 99+% have recovered. Meanwhile, young lives are lost to suicide, drug overdoses and abuse. Where are those numbers??!! May God have mercy on this world! And give us people who will stand up and tell the truth.

I saw one study of the after effects of the virus, of which there are many and some serious, that 30% of the young athletes who contracted it ended up with heart damage that was possibly permanent. Fear mongering? How about intelligent behavior in the face of a serious threat. How do you think it would feel to be told there was no real danger and end up a young person with life changing organ damage? It is taking place a lot more than you think.

My mother had scarlet fever and rheumatic fever and they both affected her heart. It is very costly to society to deal with large numbers of people with such serious health issues. They affect productivity, family life and cost a fortune in medical expenses. The smart money is on preventing an across the board health catastrophe.

The other health problems regarding violence, suicide and drug abuse should have been address decades before this pandemic started. They are a separate issue that will not be corrected simply by pretending the pandemic is not a problem. Such issues severely weaken a society’s resilience and we should be addressing them appropriately as well.

giblets56, OK, you make a claim that there are the “families” who were asked that the death certificate be misidentified? You ask that people stand up to “tell us the truth”, and declare “Shame on you liars.” Please provide specific examples in this County, a single example. Otherwise your claim is just another unsubstantiated, right wing rumor. Sadly, your definition of “truth” is what information supports your predetermined conclusion.

The CDC has 354,720 fatal cases in the US as of 7:30 AM today. The County’s number come out around 1 PM.

Deniers please identify yourselves with tin foil hats.

Way to go Dr Borenstein and our elected officials for your pathetic leadership.

I agree all politicians are fools and anyone putting faith in Themis a bigger fool, Howe we, people are refusing to even take the simplest precautions like wearing a mask and avoiding groups. Head over to Avila or any hiking trail on central coast to see for yourself.

I feel bad for the innocents that come into contact with these morons, butI can no longer empathize with the stupid.

A lot of coupon for vitamin C and D in the Tribune this Sunday. Arm yourself up.

True, and feel for their elderly relations.

Oh don’t blame Trump, he’s just the leader of the country, who refused to face and act on an international pandemic.

Blame the locals dealing with the effects.

kayakNUT, not a good call here.

Slo county cant have it both ways. And politicians are capitalizing on this, making ideologies or bad decisions for money vs life. Slo county opened its beaches, colleges, are now trying to fight to stay open, then we cry wolf? There were folks here last year saying it’ll never happen; Covid, when we had a case count of 6, now grandma died from covid not the flu, a new, permanent virus stronger than the flu, 100% scarier , while me and many here said youd eat your cake. I’m lucky I’m not dead from Covid, the flu, cancer TB etc, but many are, and die from a selfish few. This counties leaders on all sides, many of them, are deviant, aweful homosapiens. I won’t list the people who boycotted masks, and shutdowns, whom are supervisors, DAs, or county reps in congress. A district rep was on the side of science, and Space Force. North county, we’ve been so cheated and cheapened by gentrification. Our roads, poverty, homelessness, crime; gun violence, in Paso is stunning. I risk getting shot daily in Paso. Thanks Paso Council!

Maybe I’m out of it, is it really THAT bad in Paso? I enjoy the restaurant, music and wine bar scene.

Yes, it is that bad from 20th st down, where all of the regular people live. Daily arrests, monthly shootings, constant “illegal” drug deals daily, mentally unstable homeless, garbage. They dumped all the money into a few blocks for Rich folks, to cover up the majority of messed up city.

SLO has also recorded a record 11,000+ recoveries