No PG&E blackouts planned for the Central Coast

January 17, 2021


Pacific Gas and Electric management warns of possible blackouts on Monday evening for a portion of customers in five counties, because of the risks of fires, according to PG&E. San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties were removed from the list on Sunday morning.

PG&E responds to high wind events that could lead to fires with “public safety power shutoffs.” The utility turns power off to help prevent wildfire.

There are currently five counties included in the warning: Fresno, Kern, Madera, Mariposa and Tulare. Typically, only part of a county is affected by a blackout, not an entire county.

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Hey, wait till the state is mostly reliant on outside sources of energy while making all cars electric. The state will go black and maybe never come back.

Thankfully we are having warm weather in SLO. For those who don’t have gas wall heaters, as in the Heidi Harmon all electric homes, what will you do when there is a power outage during a power outage night? Heating with electricity Is ridiculously inefficient and costly. Even if more nuclear power plants were an option, the housing demand would grow faster than the power plants and a robust delivery system could be constructed.

If every house was outfitted with solar panels, this would not be a problem and we would not need to risk the potentially catastrophic results that can occur with nuclear power—see Fukushima, Chernobyl or Three Mile Island.