Police identify the man accused of hate crimes at a SLO hospital

January 9, 2021

Daniel Marcom

The San Luis Obispo Police Department has identified the man who allegedly threatened a doctor and a patient at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center on Friday as Daniel Marcom, a homeless man who suffers from mental illness and addiction issues.

Before 8 a.m., a doctor treating Marcom asked him to be quiet, Marcom’s response was to threaten the doctor while using a racial slur.

Later, the 51-year-old Marcom became angry with the 77-year-old patient he was sharing a hospital room with, and unprovoked, Marcom brandished a knife and threatened to harm the man while uttering a racial epithet. Hospital staff then asked the police department to assist them.

Marcom’s issues with the San Luis Obispo Police Department date back to 2004. The calls involving Marcom have related to alcohol use, trespassing, and mental health. He is also listed as an officer safety risk for threats to officers from an incident in 2010.

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Marcum is the son of an “esteemed” SLOFD retiree. He will invoke this when picking up 4″-6″ landscape rocks and threatening vehicles in the South/Higuera business center. He is large, psychotic, intimidating, and his family still provides cover from the SLOPD.

i döubt if anyone in slö cöunty üas trying to incite racial conflicts or tension. its a pretty happy go lucky area.


someöne cöuld have chided him and said

no no no sir black live matter or broün lives matter

interesting situation

hindsights 2020

not too take sides the man may have been having “bad day” homeless aıso can mak you pröne tö exhaustion

pössible to say are you having bad day?

hospitals are alo triage places so its aısö possible üith cövid that the man üas belöü triage and that not even a moment of hospital or doctors time üas available.

mental health issues are tough possibly someone could next time state something like sir can you please not use (word that is problem) here at the hospital or with doctors around. then repeat as needed maybe like 3 times. then try to use deesclation maybe state sir if your going to use (word or words that are problem) we will not be able to help you today. jus idea

The victim, Bob Wiley, Sr., is a long-time Atascadero resident and devout Christian of African-American heritage, beloved and respected by everyone in the community and far beyond. He goes to Sierra Vista for surgery and has to be exposed to the insane homeless who must be catered to and increasingly imported. Maybe they need to move these types of procedures to Twin Cities. I walk through this shit every single day to and from my parents house across downtown. Mitchell Park should be paved and used as a parking lot, it’s not usable as a park, except as a staging ground for de-fund the police demonstrations about events elsewhere. The bandstand is symbolically taped off, so it’s used only by the homeless. Once again, thank you Heidi Harmon!

Worlds easiest charge to get a conviction on …The investigators or DA ask the suspect do you dislike John Doe ?,suspect states yes ,questioner then states Oh, so you hate John Doe !! Suspect states well yea I guess I do ….Done deal suspect convicted .Same goes for terrorist threats very easy conviction .. George Orwell told us in future folks would be convicted of thought crimes …plus many other future coincidences