SLO doctor on probation following accusations of gross negligence

January 10, 2021


A San Luis Obispo based physician who was accused of gross negligence has been placed on five years probation by the Medical Board of California.

In 2019, the California Attorney General’s Office accused Laleh Shaban M.D. of having unlicensed employees perform medical procedures, ordering narcotics in her own name to give patients and for neglecting patients. While on probation, Shaban is required to have another doctor monitor her practice.

She must also complete a medical records keeping course, complete an ethics course and enroll in a clinical competence assessment program to assess her physical and mental health, according to the settlement and disciplinary order. She is prohibited from prescribing HCG treatments and from performing platelet-rich plasma procedures until she has successfully completed the clinical competence assessment program.

The Medical Board of California published the stipulated settlement and disciplinary order on Dec. 2.

Shaban runs the Revive Medical Group in San Luis Obispo, where she offers multiple services including skin care, weight loss, stem cell therapy, IV infusion therapy, genitalia rejuvenation and concierge services.

The charges stem from complaints to the Medical Board of California from multiple patients and former employees. The state’s investigation, which focused on the treatment of five patients, resulted in six causes for discipline.

Shaban, who agreed to the settlement and disciplinary order rather than face a hearing, did not admit to the charges. She contends a disgruntled employee is responsible for “false reports” made to the state.

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Dr. Shaban, in her day, was an outstanding internist. I’m speculating, that like most primary care physicians, it became tougher to make a substantial living so she took a weekend course or two and started a lucrative, cash only cosmetic business on the side. Regardless, our local media is missing one very important point: it doesn’t matter that a “disgruntled former employee” reported her. The California Board of Medical Quality Assurance scrutinized the practice’s records and protocols and found negligent record keeping, evidence of improper prescribing and other practices that could lead to patient harm. BMQA doesn’t take licenses away or put doctors on probation for nothing. In my experience, it tends to err on the side of the doctor so for it to take these actions there were serious issues. There’s a reason she didn’t want a hearing in front of a group of her peers.

This failed to mention she closed her medical practice. She sent out letters to the medical patients a few months back. She kept her cosmetic practice but for how long? The reputation is a joke around here.

record keeping is very hard they dont teach front office medical reception standards in medical shool or atleast im under that impression.

“genitalia rejuvenation”


Yes, ageing women can make their hoo-ha look young again. Important medical advances.

Shave and a haircut, 10 cents