Firefighters rescue climber who fell from 100-foot cliff in Pismo Beach

February 23, 2021


Cal Fire personnel rescued a climber who became stuck on a cliff in Pismo Beach Monday morning.

At about 11:30 a.m., rescue workers located the climber about 30 feet down a 100-foot cliff just north of the Ventana Grill. The rescue team secured the climber and brought the person back to safety.

Port San Luis, State Parks and Pismo Beach personnel assisted the Cal Fire rescue team.

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The title of this article states that the person rescued was a “climber who fell from 100-foot cliff” but there is no mention of this in the body. It appears to have been just a person who tried to climb his way up and got stuck. Careless writing.

Actually KSBY covered this story in more detail. They had an interview with the “climber” and apparently he did indeed climb over the fence (where it warns not to do so), then slipped and fell halfway down the hill. He should be charged the rescue costs for his blatant negligence.