Former Morro Bay teacher ordered to take an AIDS test

February 23, 2021

Tyler Andree

Former Morro Bay High School teacher Tyler Andree is required to take an AIDS and HIV test with a copy of the results going to the underage student he had sex with, according to the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Office’s complaint.

District Attorney Dan Dow announced today that his office filed one felony count of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor, two felony counts of contacting a minor for the purpose of engaging in a sexual offense and two misdemeanor counts of annoying or molesting a child. Andree pled not guilty at court today.

From Dec. 31, 2018 through Oct. 15, 2020, Andree, 24, allegedly committed multiple sex offenses against two underage students. He is accused of sexting one student and having sex with another.

In Dec. 2018, Andree allegedly had sex with a then 16-year-old student. The student is now over 18 years of age.

“Our office will always use every legal resource to aggressively prosecute crimes committed against vulnerable victims such as these minors,” said District Attorney Dan Dow. “If anyone in the public has information that would be helpful in this case, or is aware of any other potential victims, they are encouraged to call either the Morro Bay Police Department or the District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigation.”

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Apparently bail in slo county for Pedophilia is 30k if your a young white, well connected male. Hm, DA Downer, the child stop sex crime Alt Right guy, has placed way more bail on others for less crime. Interesting. They asked this Freaks bail to go up to 90k, judge said No. Hes going to cost us a about 100k a year locked up.

90k in the least I would say! More worried about that lenient judge just slapping his hand with a 30k bail, when as a Teacher he Broke the trust of protecting these kids! He needs to be off the streets for longer than 6 months though! ( I cant believe that female teacher only got 6 months?? ) So, who was this lenient judge?

That Arroyo Grande teacher Tara Stumph was convicted and then sentenced to 6 months jail time and 4yrs probation!!!

Of course she was a female, I wonder if gender bias will rear it’s ugly head!!!