Workers find human remains near Atascadero home

February 10, 2021


A contractor doing remodeling work found human remains on the property of an Atascadero home on Tuesday. [KSBY]

It is believed they are likely Native American remains.

Workers dug up the remains on a property on Acacia Road. The contractor reported the discovery to the Atascadero Police Department, which called in an anthropologist who confirmed they were likely Native American remains.

Police say the remains are not considered to be suspicious. The police department handed the case over to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office.

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I looked this house up on trullia it sold last year for 360k ….but what intrigued me and angered me was that the property taxes went up every year prior to the sell even though the house is really a tear down and was empty … How does property taxes go up on a dilapatated home that is total rebuild …..Gotta love our property tax system. “NOT ” .The property is an excellent location right above Salinas river and is a dead end road because bridge was removed a long time ago

All the comments below are untrue, but were true in the past leading to failures to report remains. Now authorities have 48 hrs to notify the tribe and then the tribe has 48 hours to meet the property owner. Many times the remains are re-interred nearby, Sometimes they are taken by tribal representatives. In the 80’s things were different. I was on a project near Stenner Creek in SLO where a single human jawbone was found. It was determined to be very old and likely displaced by animals or flooding. We got hit with four Native American observers at $26/hr (1980’s!, 2x a lead carpenter’s wages) to drink Coors beer all day long for months. The bone was re-interred in a 6″ hand augured hole in a ceremony with burnt sage. I can tell you which building and parking space it is under.

Oh, bummer. Now every tribe within a 100-mile radius is going to claim this property as “sacred” and demand free and unencumbered access to it for eternity. Not to mention all the people that claim to be 1/400th Native American just because their 2nd cousin nicknamed them “eagle” at age 4, will quickly make this all about themselves. I hope the Contractor at least got a deposit up-front because he just got screwed out of this job. On the bright side, maybe one of the tribes will build a casino here.

Yea the property owner is in for some serious setbacks ….About 15 years ago a North county resident was using his tractor on his property …turned out his property used to be a native American burial ground ….I was reading USA Today and saw his name he received just under a 1 million dollar fine for moving dirt without permit

Oh Boy, This discovery just opened up a can of “UGLY” for those homeowners wallet.

How do they say, “Jack Pot” !!!!!?

The owner of the property may be in for a whopping bill from the Native American Nation. Unless area is not known as past Native American settlement.

I was involved in two different projects where I requested grading permit from County. I also had to pay a Native American 15 years ago $50.00 per hour to watch over the the site, that took if memory serves me around 5 days to complete. I was told that if Native American remains were found we would have pay for a full Tribal burial. On another piece of property that I owned they found blackened stones. I was told it was definitely a Native American home site. We were then restricted from building on that area of property.

This Native American could have been just passing by. Lets hope landowner has no legal obligations for burial costs.