Most SLO County students able to return to the classroom in March

March 3, 2021

With San Luis Obispo County now in the red tier, all but one local school district is permitting students to return to the classroom this month. Most of the districts are allowing parents to choose between a half-day hybrid model or to continue remote learning.

Atascadero Unified School District

Atascadero elementary schools reopened last November. Middle and high school campuses will reopen on March 8.

There are three options available in the district: (1) Traditional in-school with added safety precautions. (2) Blended in-person and remote learning. (3) Students can also elect to continue remote learning.

Cayucos Elementary School District

Transitional kindergarten through 5th grade students will return to campus on March 15. Grades 6th through 8th will return on March 22.

San Luis Coastal Unified School District

San Luis Coastal plans to maintain remote learning, while expanding in-person learning pods for struggling students.

Lucia Mar Unified School District

The district is offering a hybrid model, with students either going to class in the morning or the afternoon. On Feb. 24, transitional kindergarten and kindergarten students returned to campus.

Students in grades 1st through 3rd returned on Monday. Students in grades 4th through 6th will return to campus on March 8, while in-person learning for middle and high school students will resume on March 15.

Paso Robles Joint Unified School District

Paso Robles elementary schools reopened last November, with a hybrid schedule of part in-person and part online classes. Parents of junior high and high school students can now opt to have their children do on-campus classes. Sixth grade classrooms will reopen on March 9, while 7th through 12th grade classrooms will welcome students back on March 16.

Pleasant Valley Joint Union Elementary School District

Kindergarten through 5th grade students returned to campus last October.

San Luis Coastal Unified School District

Preschool and transitional kindergarten students have already returned to campus. Also, earlier this year, some kindergarten and first grade students returned to in-person instruction as part of a pilot program.

Other kindergartners and 1st and 2nd grade students will return to campus on Thursday.

Students in grades 3rd through 6th will resume in-person learning on March 8, and middle and high school students will return to campus on March 15. At the middle and high school levels, students will follow a hybrid model or elect to continue remote learning.

Shandon Joint Unified School District

Elementary school students are returning to campus with a half-day hybrid model. Next, middle and high school students will return to in-person learning.

Templeton Unified School District

Templeton elementary school campuses have already reopened. Middle and high school campuses will reopen on March 15 though the hybrid model.

San Miguel Joint Unified School District

The district’s two schools for grades kindergarten through 8th grade have already reopened their campuses.

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Our students have been held hostage for far too long.

Other states have had kids in classrooms for months, some I know personally in Italy returned to school LAST MAY.

We will not be able to justify school closures when the information comes to light about the numbers of children who died from Covid vs suicide.

This is a lesson on how we respond: Many years ago Polio left it’s crippled victims among us, we regularly witnessed the permanent havoc that this virus had on our family and friends. When the Polio vaccine was available I do not recall any reluctance to get this as soon as it was available. Later there were the KO Polio vaccine drives, with helicopters flying in the big cities to announce the availability of the second wave of a vaccine on a sugar cube. Schools required it, we squelched this curse. Today we hear of people getting very sick and or dying from this new virus. This reality has not been in my face like I remember Polio to be so yes there is a reluctance to infuse something in my body. So do you wait until you know someone who has died or do you participate in a KO Corona drive so everyone can have a measured level of safety? KO is for Knock Out.

I don’t see CUSD