Paso Robles police nab alleged graffiti vandals

March 4, 2021


Paso Robles police have identified a pair of California Valley residents who allegedly spray painted graffiti containing cryptic messages on a bus and several locations in Paso Robles.

The graffiti was reportedly discovered on Saturday. A few days later, investigators tracked down Ben Delashmutt and Michell Baranek, both 43. Delashmutt and Baranek admitted to committing the vandalism, according to the Paso Robles Police Department.

Police are recommending the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office file felony vandalism charges against Delashmutt and Baranek. The police department is also thanking citizens who it says helped solved the crime.

According to the Paso Robles Daily News, the graffiti was found on two sides of an old school bus parked near Walmart. Additionally, taggings were found on a Walmart parking spot, on sidewalk at Kennedy Club Fitness and at two locations at Pacific Premier Bank. Each location that Delashmutt and Baranek allegedly tagged is near the intersection of Niblick and South River roads.

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Monday and yesterday were Government check days, so I bet at least 3/4 of California Valley residents were at Walmart when this happened. But apparently, these fools stopped by one of CV’s many meth “dispensaries” for a little pick-me-up before heading to the big city (Paso Robles).

Why did these 43 year old assholes do this is the question. The graffiti makes no sense which leads me to believe these middle aged taggers are drug induced idiots.

Give them each a toothbrush and a small pot of soapy water….

But but but but….it’s ART!

43 years old and tagging!

’50 xerox kin s.o.s. all chas’

Possible translation 50 cent song you ain’t my kin X hero SOS all chase

These “tags” are threats against someone?

Great news! The admitted and or the convicted can cover all costs from A to Z. Money not spent on this nuisance can pave roads and build respect.

Beevus and Butthead were released to momma’s basement pending a trial date.