Paso Robles City Council approves 63% sewer rate increase

April 24, 2021

The Paso Robles City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to raise sewer rates by approximately 60% for average users over the next four years.

The City Council approved a phased-in approach, with sewer rates increasing for average users by 24% on July 1 and then by 7% on April 1 of 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025. The average monthly residential sewer bill will rise from its current level of $46.80 to $58.20 on July 1. By April 2025, the average sewer bill in Paso Robles would rise to $76.38.

Low users will notice the highest rate increase, 126%, over the next four years.

The rate hike is slated to help pay the costs of infrastructure projects including a $47.2 million wastewater treatment plant upgrade, a $14.4 million recycled water facility and $9.7 million in sewer system upgrades.

After the council endorsed the rate hike in February, ratepayers had an opportunity to mount a majority protest in order to upend the sewer bill increases. However, the city received only 448 protests of the 5,174 required to overturn the increase.


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So the upgrades are already completed? I would have thought that during the discussions about implementing the upgrades, the “financing” part of this would have been included in the same discussion with the public. Not knowing all of the facts, but seems like a slight of hand if you ask me.


Anyone think the rates will come back down after the upgrades are paid off?


Boy. That $hits expensive.

Adam Trask

“the city received only 448 protests of the 5,174 required to overturn the increase”

Considering the public appears to approve, it sounds like a win for the city and its ability to significantly upgrade its infrastructure—always a good thing.




Gotta pay those outrageous salaries and pension liability somehow


I’ll bet that there is not one city council person that this rate increase will not negatively personally effect them in anyway.

I’ll also bet that a large portion of rate payers will be very negatively effected by this steep and sudden rate increase.

Isn’t it grand? A $million or more here and more $millions for that over there.

Who cares…it’s not OUR money!


That’s nothing compared to the amount that Morro Bay ratepayer’s are being pummeled with:(

Glad they are getting ahead of the curve instead of just reacting to cease and desist orders!!!


And the rate of inflation is what? Sure as heck glad I don’t own any property there.


Feeling is mutual