SLO Farmers’ Market to reopen next week

April 1, 2021


After being shut down for more than a year because of the coronavirus, the San Luis Obispo Farmers’ Market will return on May 6.

Farmers’ Market will reopen in multiple phases. In the first phase, the Thursday-evening event will function as a market for certified farmers and sellers of other foods and goods that are deemed essential and allowed to be sold in California’s red tier.

Such vendors include those selling baked goods, crafts and pre-packed food items. The pre-packed food items must be made by the seller, and they cannot be meals.

Onsite food and drink consumption, as well as entertainment and other “non-essential” vendors, will not be allowed to participate during the first phase. The market will only span Higuera Street between Chorro and Osos streets.

Downtown SLO, which operates Farmers’ Market, will monitor the conditions and add vendor categories, as well as additional blocks of Higuera Street, as months progress and upon receiving guidance from San Luis Obispo County and the state of California.

“The market will not be what it was at first, but we are hoping that the return of this beloved Thursday night tradition will allow locals to come downtown, get fresh, locally grown produce and dine at one of the many incredible downtown restaurants,” Downtown SLO said in a statement.


My goodness, how is this going to impact all the restaurants which have been using taxpayer owned parking spaces and sidewalks as their bars and dining rooms, rent-free?

Well, I guess at least Giuseppe’s and Finney’s can continue to feast on the fatted calf (rent free) for a while longer.

Maybe then the city council can deem Monterey Street closed forever and then they can both triple their seating? Again.


If you don’t want to support SLO, come on up to the North County. In my opinion Paso Robles is doing a great job of reopening. We have been out to to restaurants quite a few times in the past 2 months (both inside and outside dining) and have felt safe. The atmosphere in downtown Paso feels festive but not reckless and it has felt great to be out and about again. Have also been to the Guest House Grill in Atascadero and had a wonderful meal on their outside patio. Really nice eating in a beautiful outside setting that wasn’t a white tent. The Templeton and Paso Framers Markets have also been great.


Paso is no silver bullet. FAR from it. That riverbed is a war zone. Watch the homeless sometime as they make their way to Wally*World each day to panhandle.


Used to go to Paso but poor COVID compliance. I go to Atascadero and the North Coast.


*next month

Cthulhu Colander

So we can eat and drink outside on a restaurant patio but not at a farmers market? This is insanity.


It will be three blocks long! You can still eat at all restaurants with the current restrictions.

Are you really complaining that you can’t sit on the sidewalk and eat in those three blocks?



Please don’t waste your time or money to support anything in the failing city of Haromville. Let it rot on the vine as long as the narcissist mayor has any part of it. There are plenty other places to support outside the The Peoples Republic of San Luis Obispo.


Don’t punish everyone in SLO with your ridiculous cancel culture just because you have a beef with Harmon. There are over 12,000 of us who voted for someone other than her for mayor!


I’m not punishing anyone. My beef has been with this city since 1992, when the then city council, took a stance against the first Gulf War. What the hell does that have to do what we pay them for? I chose way back then to not spend another penny in the city. I’ve held true to my conviction and choice.

The political slant and slide downward by its leadership and Cal(fascist)Poly over the years has continued. Harmon has taken it to a new level of insanity. Fell free to choose as you will, but myself and many others will support other communities that deserve it more. I guess I was ahead of the “ridiculous cancel culture” as you put way back then. Wow! Who would of thought.


Then don’t go to SLO. Pretty much bored with your constant negative insulting spiel. Seems like some kind of weird envy hate.


In all sincerity, do you realize how silly you sound? Your “Peoples Republic of San Luis Obispo” attack is cringe-worthy. Embarrassing actually.


Nothing silly or embarrassing about the truth. I cringe at the thought that so many people re-elected this nut job Harmon.. Talk about embarrassing


The arbiter of “truth”


Failing city?