Hundreds attend cruise and vigil honoring SLO officer Benedetti

May 15, 2021

Hundreds of people gathered Friday to honor the life and service of San Luis Obispo police officer Luca Benedetti, who died in the line of duty last week.

People assembled at the Madonna Inn for a cruise that wound through downtown. Many of the vehicles sported thin blue line or American flags.

As the cruise ended, people congregated at Mission Park where speakers included new SLO Police Chief Rick Scott and SLO County District Attorney Dan Dow.

“We ask our law enforcement officers to do so much, and often under very difficult circumstances,” Dow said. “Every day, those who put on the uniform and those who are undercover are willing to step into the face of danger so you and I don’t have to do that.”

Adam Trask

Time was on their side. Why would they break a citizen’s door down unless they had completely educated themselves about the person they were pursuing? They could have simply interviewed his mother to find out he was upset about his life.

Obviously they did not perform due diligence on Mr Giron and it cost them.

It’s great the community has united to help the family, but we really do need to look at what the hell local LE is doing, because they continue to have serious issues—dead prisoners, dead dogs, guns left in the toilet, officers gunned down for no apparent reason, etc.


Adam Trask – Could the suspect’s mother have warned LE that he was homicidal/suicidal? I think not! More than half of society’s offenders suffer from some form of mental illness. Does LE reasonably have time to conduct interviews with friends, family and colleagues of their targets? Case loads are far beyond what our current LE workforce can handle. Investigators conduct pre-warrant threat assessments through LA Clear, CopLink, N-DEx, etc. Officers can only fall back on their training when the sh1t hits the fan.


Not one word from Newsom…..shameful…


He’s too busy giving away our money to try and save his skin. Giving away tax dollars to the easily manipulated, hoping they’ll forget about what a mess he’s made of California

kevin rise

Wrong, and a lie, he lowered the state cap flags at half. So quit making Politics of Death, heartless.


The left is king of politicizing everything under the sun…we are just learning from the pros….a cop was killed…that use to bring on a state of the state address…now we just quietly lower the flag….


Isn’t it kind of a given to lower the flags.


If you actually bothered to look, you would find that Newsom in fact said quite a words about this tragedy.

I’m no fan of Newsom, but I am a fan of the truth. However, I’m sure the shameless trolls will downvote this comment simply because it states an inconvenient truth.


When a tragedy such as this hits so close to home it really makes me appreciate all that law enforcement does. I must say I have had negative experiences with officers in the past, both sheriffs dept. and CHP but it really was those particular officers who’s demeanor/personality and decisions I think were flawed. I have had many more encounters in which they were helpful, respectful and professional. Thank you to good cops! We appreciate you.


So mayor Heidi (she,her,hers) who attended most BLM rallies was absent last night?


She was no where to be found. She is keeping a VERY low profile. I think SLO was headed towards pitchforks and tiki torches and she knows it.

Last night provided another example of why communities need RESPECTED leaders. On the positive side, the new SLOPD Chief Rick Scott came across quite well. Much better than his predecessor would have.