Paso Robles police save unresponsive teen

May 15, 2021

Paso Robles Police officers discovered a 15-year-old girl unresponsive and not breathing from an apparent overdose last week at a local residence.

Officers and paramedics treated the teen, who was in stable condition before her transport to a local hospital. During the investigation, officers learned the teen was an unreported missing juvenile.

At the residence, officers arrested a 16-year-old male for suspicion of being under the influence of a controlled substance. Officers then booked the teen into the San Luis Obispo Juvenile Detention Center.

As this investigation is ongoing, officers are asking anyone with any information regarding this incident to call the Paso Robles Police Department at (805) 237-6464.


Drug abuse is maybe the biggest problem in the USA, but is mostly ignored by politicians. Yet these same politicians want to control everything trying to save us from a corona virus. We need to start electing politicians who care about the important issues facing ordinary citizens….like drug abuse!


100% correct.


Overdose deaths are around 80,000 per year. Coronavirus deaths are over 500K in about the same timeframe. Politicians need to work on both problems, not one over the other.


So over a 50 year span which one is the bigger problem? Also the most damage from drug abuse is not the deaths but the destroyed lives and health care toll


“ Also the most damage from drug abuse is not the deaths but the destroyed lives”…yup, I know this all too well


“Unreported missing juvenile”….Who are her parents or guardians? How long had she been missing? Why did they not report her missing? What did she overdose on? This is so very sad. Hope she gets the care, treatment and love she so desperately needs,


Great job Paso Robles Police, Fire, and Medics. May this young turn her life around and never touch another drug. She’s been given a second chance at life.

The drug epidemic is raging. Find those suppliers and dealers and show no mercy on them. We need our politicians to step up. Instead of glorifying and promoting making more gateway drugs legal, they need to stop the destruction of these young lives and families. The pandemic will eventually die, but the drug epidemic will be just as devastating to our nation if they fail to fix the problem they have created through their utter ignorance and lies.


Agree. No such thing as “only a drug dealer”. Their customers are playing Russian roulette, and there is a bullet in the chamber. The dealer makes his money handing them the gun. I suppose some will say it’s a willing transaction, but I don’t.


Your absolutely correct. Just ask those on the frontline to this war on our nation like police, fire and medics. I know many of them who hate and blame the increasing desire to make drugs legal.