Pismo Beach initiates water restrictions to combat drought conditions

June 8, 2021


The city of Pismo Beach recently imposed water use restrictions to combat drought conditions.

Outdoor irrigation is now prohibited between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., as well as within 48 hours of rainfall. Irrigation can only occur at even-numbered addressed on Mondays and Thursday and at odd-numbered addresses on Tuesdays and Fridays, according to the new city rules.

Washing driveways, patios, sidewalks, streets and parking lots is prohibited, unless found necessary by the city to protect public health or safety. Likewise, water runoff onto adjacent properties, sidewalks, streets and gutters is prohibited.

Residents may only wash cars and other outdoor property with hand-controlled devices that shut off the water immediately when not in use. Additionally, fountains may only use water if its part of a recirculating system

The Pismo Beach rules allow restaurants to serve drinking water only in response to specific requests by customers. Furthermore, workers may not use potable water for compaction or dust control measures in construction projects.

Repeat violators can face increasing fines, beginning at $100.


That’s load of crap and makes me not want to live in Pismo


Here we go again…you would think that we could figure out that we need to store more water instead of allowing it to flow into the ocean….I’m starting to think that the people in charge of this state want water shortages so they can charge us all more for it…we need to build more reservoirs and create some lakes for recreation all at the same time….

kevin rise

Instead of gov overreach, the gov should just round up and dispose of rich people who dodge taxes and are the number one reason for life on earth being crap for 3/4 of us. Bezos payed no taxes in 2018 as the richest as$hole on earth. Why do a few get away with the suffering of the majority. I say get rid of them and their ideologies once and for all in public and then disperse wealth like Robin Hood, no racial bias here, just getting rid of the Devil. Yet I get taxed higher than a multi billion dollar business. Cool


If you could create as many jobs as Bezos we would give you some tax breaks too…for taking the risk most people are too afraid to take….its called incentive….look it up….

Mitch C

Over time i’ve read some of your comments- with all due respect, none of them addresses the issue at hand. Taxing Bezos and every other billionaire at 100% of their income would not generate one additional drop of water. There are solutions to the water shortage, but to go into them with someone who really does not understand is futile.


If there’s a short supply of water why oh why is the City of Pismo Beach approving large new housing developments?


The same reason Arroyo Grande is also approving them.


With the patterns of drought, it’s idiotic to expand our cities.