Mid-State Fair cancels opening concert because of COVID-19 concerns

July 20, 2021


The California Mid-State Fair has canceled Wednesday night’s opening concert after members of singer-songwriter Bret Michaels’ touring entourage possibly became exposed to COVID-19.

Michaels was scheduled to perform on the fair’s main stage as the event kicks off its return from a one-year hiatus. But, fair officials decided to cancel the show out of an abundance of caution because of the possible COVID-19 exposure. Michaels’ touring entourage had been following all CDC guidelines and protocols, according to the Mid-State Fair.

Interim Fair CEO Colleen Bojorquez said planners hope to reschedule Michaels for the 2022 Mid-State Fair.

“Of course we are terribly saddened by the news, but the health and safety of the Bret Michaels’ band, our staff and crew, and concert ticket holders is the most important thing,” Bojorquez said in a statement. “We are still very excited to open the gates this Wednesday and are looking forward to a fabulous 2021 Fair.”

Mid-State Fair organizers are refunding ticket holders who planned on seeing Michaels perform. Fair officials say all other concerts will be held as scheduled.

The fair will span Wednesday through Aug. 1 at the Paso Robles Event Center.

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Mid-State Fair: Superspreader Event

Where is Borenstein on this?

It’s hard to believe Bret Michaels could sell out the main stage, but regardless Covid cases have been and continue to be everywhere since Dec of 2019. 99.5% + of them are quick or fairly quick recoveries, and of the % that aren’t the vast majority are old or high risk ( and in theory now 100% of those folks who want to have had plenty of time to get jabbed ). Time to let the chips fall given overpopulation , rather than throw the baby out with the bathwater .

We are going to miss Bret Michaels? Possibly the greatest example of the worst music ever created from the 80s. But of course those taco bell eaters known as the valley folk love this white trash music. Maybe he could do a gig at the Paso Wal-mart? Bop ditty bop bop…..just one man’s opinion.

It’s “Unskinny bop bop”.

While perhaps not appealing to….some. Metal, including hair and glam, from the early 70’s to the early 90’s, is likely the last of actual rock and roll done raw, fully for the sound and volume, and the ability to fill stadiums and arenas consistently.

After that, came the “angry at society” (usually from upper middle class musicians) tones from Nirvana, Pearly Jam, NiN etc. Even rap had become fiercely angry, from the start of Gangster style through lyrical. Nothing really new has emerged, just a new look every year.

Among others (recall the packed Fremont for Steel Panther a few years ago), Bret Michaels, after Poison, has kept that legendary rock sound alive. I never realized the continued appeal of the Beatles, or the Rolling Stones (I like some of their songs, sure, but as a group, neither much grabbed me), until I got old enough to realize the music of my youth (born in ’61), teen and college years, is what most endures. I have most of the metal, hair, and glam rock bands albums. Hell, I was even a card carrying member of the Kiss Army in 1975! (man, do I wish I could find that card too. I see that one in good condition, recently sold for $150,000).

So, the 80’s may sound sucky to you, but for many of us teased and VO-5’ed hair band fans, Bret Michaels brings back great memories of good times!

Sooner or later we must return to normal…people die of all kinds of things…life is a risk which is what makes life great….if you want to grow up and live your life in an egg carton then you are not an American as I’ve known us to be…..land of the free and home of the BRAVE…..

Freedom over fear…..

You should have wright , “you are not a stupid americain , you are a patriot that cares for his fellow Americans.”

This is a very narrow misinterpretation of freedom.Why dont you take the risk to be vaccinated, too scared?

Bret Michaels cancelled because HE has a long history of poor health and doesn’t want to die entertaining you.

Accepting medical advice and taking pragmatic action used to be as American as Apple Pie. Ignoring sound medical advice doesn’t make one BRAVE. There are better words to use to describe that behavior.

People would fight the Polio Vaccine if it came out today.

Yep. Bret is very diabetic, and nearly died onstage. After that incident, he quit drinking, drugs, and smoking, realizing that the fun in life would stop if he did die. Along with the brain hemorrhage and the hole in his heart, and the falling stage pieces breaking his nose, and the car wreck that almost killed him….he’s had a rather eventful life!

All the anti-vax clowns that refuse to mask up and catch covid will be the first people lining up to file a frivileous lawsuit against the midstate fair. Always blaming others for their sheer stupidity.

“The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself, nameless and unreasoning…”


Maybe this is NOT a good year to open the petri dish or turn off the news?