Paso Robles murder suspect avoids capture in Mexico, police said

July 14, 2021

Jose DeJesus Campoverde Guerrero


A suspect who allegedly shot and killed a man outside a Paso Robles liquor store last year has reportedly fled to Mexico. [Tribune]

Jose DeJesus Campoverde Guerrero, 22, is accused of killing Oliver Nungaray, 27. Campoverde Guerrero also allegedly shot and injured a second person during the incident.

Campoverde Guerrero’s last known residence was in Creston. Since the fatal shooting, he has fled to Mexico, Paso Robles Commander Stephen Lampe said.

A judge has issued a warrant for Campoverde Guerrero’s arrest.

Shortly after 5 p.m. on Oct. 15, 2020, three individuals exited a vehicle in the parking lot of JnJ Liquor and Deli on Spring Street and confronted Nungaray. A fight ensued between Nungaray and two of the men. During the altercation, Campoverde Guerrero allegedly shot and killed Nungaray.

The gunman also shot, possibly inadvertently, one of the people he arrived with. The second victim was transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

After the shooting, Campoverde Guerrero and another male fled the scene in their vehicle. Investigators later located the suspects’ vehicle and processed it for evidence.

The shooting was believed to be gang related. An investigation into the shooting is ongoing.


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He blends in well hard to identify.

Jon Tatro

Probably not a lot of 805 facial tattoos in Mexico, he’ll show up soon.


I plan on getting my 820 facial tattoo even before anyone has a number with the new overlay area code. We be “laying all over the 805”, bee-yotch.


Seems that the bigger the tattoos, the bigger the criminal.


Given Jose DeJesus Campoverde Guerrero’s photo what was their first clue he might be a gang member?


Gee, he looks just fine to me. :)